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How A Clock Card Machine Works

Right now, all employees sign-in and out of work by signing a time sheet, punching a time card, logging into a computer via pin/password, or swiping a card. Regardless of method, the goal is the same for all businesses: have a standard way for employees to record their time worked. This is the same concept for a clock card machine. Employees arrive and leave work all by scanning their finger or thumb. MinuteHound’s clock card machine uses an individuals unique fingerprint to first verify attendance, and then record their time. This way, all forms of cheating are over. No more buddy punching or time theft. The clock card machine completely removes the ability for employees to cheat and abuse the system.

The clock card machines ensures honest and accurate reports. This creates crystal clear payroll reports with no gaps or bloated times. The only way for staff to record their time is by physically being there, therefore business owners and payroll clerks are confident that all times are accounted for and true. The clock card machine is effective and the benefits kick in from the first day of use.

The Clock Card Machine Advantage

After setting up an account with MinuteHound, the clock card machine is mailed out to you. It is the size of a computer mouse, and very reliable. Matter of fact it is backed for life, so if in 2 months or 20 years something goes wrong, simply return it for your money back. Once received, all that has to be done plug it into a PC and download the software. The clock card machine is very easy to use, install, and setup. Also keep in mind technical support is always available should any questions arise.

Go Green Save Money With A Clock Card MachineThe clock card machine is also paperless. There is no actual paper card for employees to use, just their finger. It’s modern technology at its finest! This is just another way of reducing expenses and saving more. If employees want to view their digital time card, they can log-in and do so at anytime. Managers and owners can log-in to edit reports, fix any errors, check real time statues, and even export payroll. MinuteHound offers many tools and services to any size business.

The Clock Card Machine Text/E-Mail Alert Features

Humans are not perfect, but luckily for business owners MinuteHound is! The clock card machine has the ability to send out text/email alerts. This way if an employee doesn’t show up, arrives late, or tries to leave early managers and designated parties can automatically know about it. This assists managers in many ways, and lets them focus on more business orientated tasks compared to searching out employees. With so many features for such a low price, the clock card machine is the easiest decision anyone can make! Try it risk free today!

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