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For most businesses, efficient employee time tracking is necessary. Poorly kept records can leave your business open to employee time theft, payroll and overtime issues, and even workers compensation claims should an employee become injured. To help keep your employee time records efficient and effective, it may be time for you to upgrade your clock in and out software.

One great place to get better clock in and out software is at MinuteHound. At MinuteHound, we are dedicated to giving you the best in clock in and out software available. We offer many different products to help you keep better track of your employees and their work time. Here are just a few things that MinuteHound clock in and out software can offer you.

1. Biometric Finger Print Technology
With our patented finger print technology, there is no longer any need for cards or other machinery, all that you need is a computer. The clock in and out software works on point of sale systems as well. and our system will plug right in. With our system, all that employees do is clock in and out with their finger. The information is recorded in real time and can be accessed from any internet connection around the world.

2. Real Records That Could Shave Costs
Without upgraded clock in and out software, you may be adding 2 to 8 percent onto your payroll costs simply from poor records keeping and employee time theft. By using our system employers get minute by minute updates and records for employee time. Many of the companies that use our system have reported that they have shaved hundreds off employee payroll costs as employees no longer clock each other in or out.

Additionally, our system allows business owners and managers to receive emails whenever an employee clocks in late or too early. This allows managers to see trouble employees and employees who maybe attempting to steal money by clocking in too early.

3. Ease of Use
Attendance Machine: Future TechnologyOne thing that customers really like about our system is its ease of use. It does not require a dedicated computer system nor does it require the ability to be the only program running. Our clock in and out software can simply be attached to any computer via USB connection and the software runs as a background program. Even if one employee is using the computer, another employee can still scan his or her finger without any problem.

4. Identity Protection
There are many different types of clock in and out software systems and packages on the market, but not all of them are safe. Some allow different employees to go in and adjust their own time records or those of another employee they may not like. Our system has fixed this by transferring the fingerprint into a 128 bit encryption code that is unique to each employee. Whether you have a big business or a small business, you can benefit from more effective and efficient clock in and out software.

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