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Time cards are often lost, and employee numbers are often forgotten which makes it hard for employees to account for their accurate amount of time worked. This is why our biometric fingerprint time clock is successful. Our company, MinuteHound, has helped a large quantity of companies covert over to a fingerprint time clock. The system is easy to set-up and can be done without any training. The fingerprint time clock reader can be set up anywhere the company wants it to be. Extension cords are available to allow the fingerprint reader to be hooked up to any nearby computer. It does not take a professional to set-up the system. It works by simply plugging it in. No training is needed.

All the employees have to do in order to clock-in and out for the day, or lunch, is scan their fingerprint. They can use any finger or thumb they choose in order to clock-in or out. The employee’s fingerprints are not stored indefinitely. MinuteHound uses a 128-bit encryption to transfer the data. Every time the fingerprint time clock is used, it will update the employee’s time clock information into a live report. The live reports can be accessed by the managers from any computer that has access to the internet. This is perfect for managers that go on business trips often or want to check up on their staff on their day off.

The fingerprint time clock system can be set-up to send emails or text messages to the manager. The messages will advise the manager if an employee clocks-in or out late or early. This helps eliminate unapproved overtime, and it helps ensure that employee’s are not abusing the time clock. Companies are able to save tremendous amounts of money within their payroll just by converting to a fingerprint time clock.

Employee Time Tracking Made Easy with a Fingerprint Time Clock

MinuteHound Fingerprint Time ClockMinuteHound’s advanced fingerprint time clock system is perfect for companies that are large or small. There are no risks or obligations in order to try the system out. Companies don’t have to worry about long contracts in order to convert over. There is a one time fee for the fingerprint time clock reader itself, and a monthly fee for using the system. The monthly fee is going to be based off the number of employees the company has using the fingerprint time clock. It only costs pennies a day to use the system.

Employees feel confident about their time worked being entered properly when they can see a system that works. Our fingerprint reader will turn green every time the employee’s scan goes through. This will show the employee that their time has been registered. Companies can also rest assured knowing that their employees are unable to clock-in or out for other individuals. All of the time worked will be 100-percent accurate.

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