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Closing the Payroll Gap with Clock in and out Software

Is your business mysteriously losing thousands of dollars in the payroll department? Have you ever considered purchasing clock in and out software? If you see huge losses in your payroll, then your problem may be related to the attendance system you use. Many businesses suffer from miscellaneous payroll losses because their attendance systems have holes in them. MinuteHound has created a special system that can save your company as much as 5 percent on payroll losses. Your investment will be well worth the headache reduction. You can try the new
clock in and out software today free of any risk.

The Payroll Loss Secret
The reason that so many businesses lose money in the payroll department is error. Outdated systems are more trouble than they are worth. For example, the classic time card punch system is notorious for legibility problems and machine breakdown. The badge clock in and out system is famous for misplacement and theft. Employees even loan each other usernames and passwords. No system is quite as effective as the fingerprint system is. The fingerprint system scans the employee’s fingerprints. Since no two fingerprints are alike, the new system is virtually error proof.

How Does it Work?
Unbelievably, the MinuteHound system does not come with complex instructions or various parts. It comes with one small scanner and some amazing clock in and out software. The only other part you will need to use the clock in and out software and the system is a cable. The cable connects to the office computer directly. Each employee will scan his or her fingerprint. The clock in and out software will convert the fingerprints into binary numbers ensuring the highest security standards. All data is stored remotely on a cloud server. It will recognize the same employees’ fingerprints on future punches. This amazing device will save you time, money and trouble.

Other Amazing Features
Cloud Computing For BusinessDo you find yourself paying the payroll department overtime funds for creating reports? The MinuteHound clock in and out system can perform that duty for you. The creators designed it to be as friendly and helpful as possible. Your payroll department can relax instead of spending countless hours adding numbers and risking human error.

Easy monitoring is another feature that comes bundled with the clock in and out software. Either you or one of your trusted managers can monitor employee activity from any remote location. You can see which employees are taking advantage of the clock in and out software while you are on a vacation or business trip. You can change the schedule according to your findings.

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Biometric Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Clock In And Out Software.

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