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Because one of the most common sources of internal theft in a company is time theft, employers are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the opportunities for one employee to clock in or out for another. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use a biometric fingerprint time clock.

What is Time Theft?
Ordinary time clocks will require the employee to enter his or her unique number in order to register him or her for the shift, or by punching the time card that has the employee’s name on it. Both employee numbers and time cards are very easy to give to other people. Other employees can clock their friends in for shifts when they are not there, which results in the employee being paid for time that he or she did not work. This is a significant loss in productivity for the company, as well as for a loss of time.

How Can a Fingerprint Time Clock Help?
A fingerprint time clock requires that, instead of punching a card or entering a number, every employee scan his or her thumbprint to have the system identify that he or she was there at a specific time. Because fingerprints are impossible to share or give to another employee, it reduces the amount of time theft that occurs.

What are the Other Advantages of the Fingerprint Time Clock?
Another advantage of the biometric fingerprint time clock is that it reduces the amount of employee error that occurs. This is because punch cards are very easy to accidentally mispunch, resulting in errors that will need to be entered by hand, taking extra time and minimizing productivity.

Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackA third advantage that is associated with using a biometric fingerprint time clock is that it puts all of the information into a database immediately, without having a person have to manually enter it. This is important because it will save a great deal of time, as well as ensures that there are no errors.

An additional advantage of using a biometric fingerprint time clock is that it will send a notification to the employer or shift manager should an employee not clock in within a certain period of time after he or she has been scheduled. It will also send a notification should an employee clock in late. A fingerprint time clock will allow the employer to compensate for changes in the amount of employees that come in for a shift, allowing all positions to be covered before too much productivity is lost. This will allow employees who do not come in for a shift to not damage the company, as well as to be held accountable.

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