Clock in System- Fingerprint Time Clock Works Wonders For Business

A Clock in System For the Digital Age

The old clock in system with its punch cards and clock was the standard for decades. With that old-school system, fraud ran rampant; friends clocked in for each other and employers were cheated out of money. Plus, there was time that had to be spent calculating employee hours and figuring out weekly pay.

With MinuteHound, those days are long gone. The cutting edge clock in system is the biometric technology used by MinuteHound. Buddy clock ins, time theft, and even the hours of paper work is a thing of the past.

How it Works

The clock in system works by using a scanner connected to any computer with internet access. Employees scan their fingerprint to clock in. The fingerprint is converted into an encrypted 128-bit number. The fingerprint itself is never stored, making it impossible to reverse engineer a fingerprint. Employee privacy is ensured and employers can’t be defrauded due to an employee being clocked in by a buddy. The software can even send an email or text message to a supervisor if an employee clocks in late or clocks out early.

MinuteHound saves time by eliminating paperwork. No longer does an employer have to spend hours inputting numbers from time cards. All the information is stored in an organized manner on the cloud. The software is so advanced, it can even be used to calculate pay. This clock in system saves hours of time.

Other Benefits of MinuteHound
Another benefit offered by MinuteHound is the ability to access your data from any internet connection. An employer can check on the data while on vacation if the need arises. Accurate reports are generated automatically and can be accessed when needed from anywhere in the world. Since the time is based on server time, it can’t be altered by the employee. The time is recorded and stored on the cloud. The possibility of the time being changed or entered in wrong is eliminated. The clock in system provides irrefutable evidence of attendance, protecting an employer from certain types of law suits.

The Plug and Play Clock In System: Simple To Use

MinuteHound is 100% plug and play. A typical clock in system installation takes under nine minutes and is as easy as installing a new mouse. There is no learning curve to get through, no training or guidance needed. In the unlikely event an employer would need help, MinuteHound offers round the clock support for their clock in system.

MinuteHound is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason the clock in system isn’t what a company wants, they simply return it. MinuteHound will even pay for the return shipping. There is no contracts and no long term commitment, so there is no risk in trying this excellent clock in system.

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Biometric Time Tracking OnlineNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Clock In System.

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