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Fingerprint Login in the Workplace

You can say what you want about Apple and their line of ultra-sleek consumer electronics devices; they still tend to be on the cutting edge of emerging technology trends. Case in point: the new biometric scanners in their handhelds are offering fingerprint login, shaking up the way people everywhere are using their favorite devices.

Even so, for many people this is more a gimmick than a sea change. The good news is, biometric technology is shaking up life elsewhere somewhat more fundamentally. Here at MinuteHound, we are applying fingerprint login technology and finding solutions to problems and frustrations that every manual laborer can likely relate to.

It all starts with the biometric technology in our time clocks. With fingerprint login, employees can clock in and out faster and easier than ever. While identification badges will most likely always be necessary, they no longer have to be the weak link in the time tracking process.

In other words, thanks to fingerprint login techniques, every employee in your workforce can finally be accountable for only themselves. Whereas ID badges can be shared and otherwise used to commit minor fraud and time theft, fingerprint login ensures that your company’s time data for each employee is free from possible dishonesty and even simple mistakes.

You might think that technology like this, that would so thoroughly change things in your workplace, would come with a high price tag or a steep learning curve. You’ll be pleased to know that neither is the case with MinuteHound. Even massive workforces can make use of our fingerprint login system for just pennies per day. Considering the potential long-term costs of time theft, you’re going to discover that it offers a great return on your investment.

The Fingerprint Login System -Secure and Effective

Just as importantly, the time clock and time tracking software is easy to install. With very little learning curve or training required, you’ll find it’s become an inextricable and invaluable part of your daily workflow. Of course, what happens behind the scenes can be just as important. The MinuteHound system offers some great automated tools that will help to make managing even sizable workforces a simple task. For instance, our fingerprint login system has the ability to automatically notify management if employees are deviating from the shift they’re assigned to.

To complete the picture, MinuteHound uses industry-grade security features to assuage any ethical dilemmas you might have with fully adopting fingerprint login technology. If you were concerned about the security of your company data or the personal information of your employees, worry no longer; it’s all kept safe in the cloud, secure behind 128-bit encryption.

What this all adds up to is a combination of hardware and software that can easily change the way your company works, all for the better. Give us a call today to see what MinuteHound can do for your business.

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