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The Benefit of Using Biometric Time Keeping

Biometric time keeping is a new process that uses fingerprint scanning to track employees. Many businesses are curious about this new system and the reasons for its popularity. Some companies still use outdated or traditional time tracking systems. These companies continue to lose money in payroll every week. Every action that an employee takes has a potential to cause a loss. If a person comes to work late, but has a friend clock him in, the company loses money. If that same person is using a paper time card, and he enters the wrong time on the card, the company loses money. If someone intentionally forgets to clock out for break, the company will lose money. Biometric time keeping prevents the loss of money, because it is accurate and precise.

MinuteHound’s biometric time keeping system is easy to use. No one who wants to use it will have to take a learning course or seek training. The setup process is nothing more than connecting a USB cable to a computer and downloading a program. Once the person completes those steps, the system is ready to go. Employees can start clocking in and out using the biometric time system the same day.

The MinuteHound biometric time system is paperless, so any company that uses it will save money. Payroll personnel will not have to worry about stacks of papers. Administrators can view the time related information online. The MinuteHound system is also free of errors. Only the true employee can clock in and out for himself. No one else will have the same fingerprint as that person. Employees will not be able to defraud the company in any way with the biometric time keeping system. All records are accurate and stored in a secure place.

Biometric Time Records and Information Accessible From Anywhere – Anytime

Secure Biometric Time Keeping - Cloud BasedAdministrators can access the data collected from the biometric time keeping system online. All that person needs to do is log into a web based interface to view employee activity. The user can also set up email and text message alerts to inform him or her of irregular behavior. Irregular behavior may include late punches, overtime and early releases.

Companies can save thousands of dollars by using the biometric time keeping system. Anyone who is curious about savings can use the calculator tool. MinuteHound wants clients to see how much they can save before trying the product. The company wants to do more than just sell a product. It wants to make business more efficient for a client. It wants to provide that company with something that will increase profitability. The new MinuteHound biometric time keeping system will pay for itself in payroll savings. In other words, the small initial investment will have a monstrous turnaround.

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