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Why A Clock Machine Is So Important To Your Business

Most jobs require that employees arrive and depart at specified times corresponding with their assigned shift. When a company is small, it is easy for supervisors and managers to keep tabs on which employees are present at the proper time and which are not. However, when a company reaches a certain size, managing employee attendance and punctuality can become bothersome. This is why the clock machine, also known as the “punch clock” was invented.

The earliest iterations of the clock machine used a printed card that would denote the time it was stamped. The clock machine was typically operated by each employee twice a day. A built-in clock would determine the time that was stamped onto the employees’ cards. Later, the mechanical clock in these devices was replaced with a digital one. This reduced the overall cost of the clock machine and also helped to inhibit tampering.

MinuteHound Upgrades The Clock Machine With Biometrics

Later versions of the clock machine used a computer to perform “sign in” and “sign out” actions. An employee would typically enter their name or a specific code to identify that they were beginning or ending a shift. However, like the stamp-based clock machine before it, this system could be exploited. Employees were able to cover for each others’ tardiness or outright absence by performing the “sign in” and “sign out” actions on the clock machine for someone else. Even if a fairly complex code was used to identify the employees, it was possible for fraudulent activity to occur.

Clock Machine Gives Your Company Perfect AttendanceThis is the reason that MinuteHound has developed highly specialized time clock software to keep track of employee arrivals and departures. This program can be run on any computer with an attached fingerprint time clock. In order to sign in or out, an employee must present their fingerprint. This prevents unauthorized parties from tampering with the accountability data. This clock machine features biometric technology.

Clock Machine Offers A Wide Range of Benefits

MinuteHound is “plug and play” in nature, thus it is ready to use as soon as installation completes. It is as simple to use as a traditional clock machine. However, there are no time cards to keep track of. All employee accountability data is stored in a “cloud” server. This allows it to be accessed by managers anywhere in the world. All of the data that MinuteHound stores is encrypted using a 128-bit cipher to keep it away from prying eyes. Identity theft is impossible.

In addition, MinuteHound is able to notify employers via e-mail or text message when an employee is tardy, leaves before a shift is over, or does not show up for his or her shift. The clock machine is 100% risk free. No long term commitments. You can cancel at anytime. Round the clock support is also included. Assistance is always available if you need it. Also keep in mind the clock machine is very easy to use and setup. No training required. No learning curve to overcome. Give it a shot and see just how easy employee accountability can be.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

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