Cost And Compare Clocking Systems For Business Use: Biometric Reviews

The Difference Between Clocking Systems

The old and outdated traditional clocking systems still exist today. You take a card with your name on it, and punch in and out for work. Some no longer punch, but is just a piece of paper you sign or stamp. Do these clocking systems sound safe or accurate to you? They don’t to MinuteHound either, which is why biometrics are so widely used in every industry out there. Even the newer pin and password systems allow friends to clock-in and out for each other. Badges can be swiped by anyone and time sheets can be filled in later when the boss isn’t looking. It does not matter how many employees you have or the number of locations, biometrics will benefit you. Clocking systems featuring biometrics will give your business a true advantage.

Clocking systems that feature fingerprinting are the most popular forms of biometrics. MinuteHound however is unique and effective, while at the same time offering low-cost solutions that fit any budget. For starters, MinuteHound is the software that will be installed on any PC you currently own and use at your place of business. Most clocking systems are big and bulky and take up space. The scanner MinuteHound will send you is the size of a computer mouse, taking up close to no space at all. The program will run in the background and your staff can resume any and all normal day to day work functions.

Are Any Other Clocking Systems Green and Paperless?

Well MinuteHound is! Not only will you be saving money off of your payroll costs and ending buddy punching, but you will also save by going green. Your employees will be able to log-in at anytime and keep track of their own time. They will not be able to change or edit anything, only view their own hours. Managers will also be able to log-in from anywhere at anytime. They will be able to change/view/edit information and export reports whenever they need too. You are no longer tied to your office, MinuteHound makes your office virtual. Other clocking systems might offer a new way for your employees to sign into work, but what else does it do? What does it cost? Is it worth it?

Not All Clocking Systems Are The Same. MinuteHound Uses 128-Bit EncryptionAs you shop for biometric clocking systems keep in mind how they store and retrieve information. You will notice so many clocking systems that keep the fingerprint image on file. MinuteHound is the only system out there that does not keep prints and images on file. Nothing is ever stored locally on your PC or the scanner itself. It is all run from remote servers and all data transfers use 128-bit encryption. Every time your staff scans their finger, the print is broken down into a set of binary numbers. Your information is always safe, never at risk, and totally safe to use.

Clocking Systems: Why MinuteHound Is The Smart Decision

The price is broken down into a monthly subscription, which costs you $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Other clocking systems might need a huge upfront investment or you pay once and if anything goes wrong, your on your own. MinuteHound supports it’s clients round the clock and never stops working. The fingerprint scanner itself, is only $99.95 and is a one time fee. If for whatever reason you decide MinuteHound is not for you, you can return the scanner for the full scanner price. That is not limited warranty either, that is for life! Try and find other clocking systems that offer a lifetime guarantee. No hidden fees or long term obligations. Upgrade your business today!

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