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Biometric Time Recording System For Employee Attendance

Biometrics provide a huge boost for businesses and companies of every industry. Small, medium, and large business can save large amounts of money by simply using a biometric time and attendance system in their workplace. Companies who make the switch to MinuteHound typically see a return on their investment of 2300%. From day one, the time recording system will pay for itself. From the very beginning, all forms of time theft, buddy punching, payroll fraud, and common human error and mistakes will be eliminated. Payroll costs will be reduced by 2-8%. The time recording system also is powered by the cloud and modern technology. Fingerprint images are never stored, and managers are able to view reports from anywhere in the world.

The time recording system is also green, as employees only need to place their finger on the scanner to clock-in and out of work. If your employees ever want to view their own hours or double check their times, you can give them their own username and password. This way they can get in the habit of keeping track of their own time and check from home or from their mobile device. The biometric time recording system will save companies money in multiple ways. There is no inventory to keep up with or paper supplies to ever worry about.

The Time Recording System Sparks A Change In Your Office

When you begin to use a biometric time and attendance system in your office, employees can no longer show up late or leave early. Biometrics means there is no way to share pins, passwords, badges or cover for friends. The time recording system from MinuteHound lets you hold employees accountable for their actions. If your employees show up late or try to sneak out the door before they are supposed too, you have the option to receive email and text alerts to notify you. The time recording system has the ability to instantly notify you if any of your employees don’t adhere to the schedule you set for them.

MinuteHound Offers Round The Clock Support For Their Time Recording SystemBy having the advanced time recording system working for you, mistakes are now gone. Even if your employees “forget” to clock-in or out, you again can choose the option to receive text messages and emails. Overtime will never creep up, and your reports will always remain accurate. Employees cannot share fingerprints, therefore you know you will only pay for time worked. You will never over or under pay your staff again. The time recording system is the best option for your business, as it works in any and all environments.

The Time Recording System Price Breakdown

MinuteHound has price points that work for every size business. The time recording system is broken down so that you only pay for what you need. It is $1.00 per employee, and $5.00 per location. If you have 20 employees and 1 location, then you will pay $24.95 per month. It is that easy to begin saving and transforming your business. The fingerprint scanner itself is a one time fee of $99.95 and that is backed for life. You pay once and never again. Upgrade your business with a biometric time recording system and realize the change for yourself. No long term commitments. You can cancel at anytime and if you ever need assistance, live friendly technical support is always available. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain!

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