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An Improved System Time Clock Solution

If you have hourly employees on staff, you may be using any number of system time clock solutions to monitor their attendance. These are employees whose paychecks are ultimately based on the number of hours worked, so they may be asked to punch in or sign in to a system time clock solution at the beginning and end of each shift. In some cases, these are manual systems, and others may be on a computer or even using old-fashioned punch cards. However, MinuteHound is a patented, cloud-based biometric identification solution that provides you with a state-of-the-art system time clock solution.

The Problems With Outdated System Time Clock Solutions
The fact is that your outdated system time clock solution may be costing you money in a number of ways. Old-fashioned systems provide you with little ability to monitor or control who is actually clocking in for a shift or how long that individual actually remains on-site. Unless you are physically present and inspecting time cards in person, issues with time theft associated with buddy punching and time card manipulation can cost your company money. With the technology in MinuteHound, the American Payroll Association estimates that your company may save as much as eight percent on your payroll expenses.

Why This is a Better System Time Clock Solution
New and Improved Time Stamp MachineMinuteHound utilizes patented technology that takes a biometric reading of each employees’ fingerprint to clock in and out for a shift. More than that, this system time clock solution stores the data in the cloud to provide you with real-time access to it. It also can analyze the employee data to inform you when your facility is understaffed or overstaffed, and it can send you a message so that you can take appropriate steps to minimize overhead. Another benefit is that it can notify you and an employee when that employee fails to show up for an assigned shift. Poor attendance can more easily be monitored so that the problem can be corrected and so that customers can receive better service from a fully staffed facility.

While there are several system time clock solutions available to you, the fact is that the patented technology in MinuteHound is superior. This solution provides you with tangible benefits that ultimately give you the ability to better manage your staff members even when you are not on the property, and it also gives you the ability to monitor the data in real-time from any location. When you want to learn more about the superior solutions available for time clock management, take a closer look at MinuteHound.

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