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Computer Time Clock- Management Assistance and Employee Attendance

In this day and age, just about every business has a computer laying around for one reason or another. The other common trait most businesses share is that of employees, which means employees work to get paid. Every business must have an accurate and foolproof method for time and attendance in order to not only pay employees correctly, but to ensure good book keeping and not losing or wasting money. MinuteHound has developed the computer time clock, which is designed to reduce expenses, eliminate cheating, and increase savings.

The computer time clock is just that: a time clock hooked up to the computer. No other equipment needed with no other supplies to purchase. The computer time clock is very cost effective, as it is green technology. The time clock device itself is small, about the size of a computer mouse which plugs into any USB slot. The software is downloaded, employees are registered, and MinuteHound is up and running! The computer time clock is green technology with no more paper to purchase for MinuteHound uses biometric technology, which means employees will arrive to work, take breaks, and exit for the day all by a simple scan of their finger or thumb.

Computer Time Clock Advantages and Savings

Since the computer time clock uses biometric technology, all forms of cheating are over. No more buddy punching or time theft. Arriving late or trying to leave early is now documented, and all employees are held accountable for their actions. The computer time clock also prevents mistakes through an alert system. If an employee does not show up to work or forgets to clock-in or out, MinuteHound will send out a text/email alert to management. This solves the excuse of “forgetting” to scan. The computer time clock will make payroll a breeze with accurate reporting.

Connect From Anywhere-Computer Time ClockThe computer time clock software is also cloud based, which means nothing is ever stored on the computer itself. Instead, whenever an employee scans in or out, that time is transferred using 128-bit encryption technology to cloud servers. This way, management can log-in from anywhere at anytime to view/edit reports in real time. The computer time clock itself is just where the employees clock-in, but for managers, offices become virtual.

Computer Time Clock Fees and Associated Costs

MinuteHound is a monthly subscription service. There are no long term commitments required, and customers can cancel at anytime. The computer time clock itself, the fingerprint scanner, is $99.95. That is a fraction of the cost compared to any other biometric options out there. The monthly fee is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Business owners only need to pay for what they need. The computer time clock and MinuteHound are a surefire way to save more time and money, all while boosting workplace efficiency. Try it out today risk free.

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