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How and Why A Biometric Employee Time Clock Pays For Itself

Every year, the American Payroll Association (APA) reports that American businesses lose approximately $148 Billion each year as the result of inefficient time and attendance accounting, mistakes, and time theft. Without using a foolproof and easy to use system, employees through time theft, buddy punching, and common human error can drain a company’s profits and savings. That is why MinuteHound designed an employee time clock that cures mistakes and prevents dishonesty. The employee time clock from MinuteHound uses biometrics, which means employees arrive to work, take breaks, and exit for the day all by a quick finger scan.

The employee time clock plugs into any computer or POS system. The employee time clock is a small device, about the size of a computer mouse, which connects to a PC via a USB cord. This device is shipped to the client via priority mail upon creating an account with MinuteHound. Now, if staff arrive late to work or don’t show up at all, the employee time clock alerts managers through text and email alerts. Also, when someone arrives late, that time is recorded. There is no way to buddy punch or cover for friends. There is no cheating at all, and the employee time clock records time down to the minute accurately without flaw.

Other Advantages of A Biometric Employee Time Clock

The employee time clock pays for itself by eliminating human error and time theft, along with reducing payroll expenses by up to 8%. All staff will have the responsibility to show up on time and work the entire shift, without leaving early. Managers will love the employee time clock as there is no more manual counting, MinuteHound does it for you. A big advantage to using MinuteHound is how the software is cloud based, so once an employee scans in, that time is displayed online. Payroll can be conducted from any internet location in the world.

Green and Paperless Employee Time ClockThe employee time clock is also green and paperless. Everything is digital, so reports can be downloaded and sent over, and employees can even log-in to view their own timesheets. Managers can download reports in PDF, Excel, or ASCII format at anytime. With no paper involved, more savings add up. MinuteHound is a true solution, and more and more businesses are switching over because of it. In most cases, the system pays for itself from all the savings it offers.

Employee Time Clock For Today and Tomorrow

As the MinuteHound software is cloud based, lifetime updates are included in the monthly fee. When clients switch to MinuteHound, it is not a temporary move, but a permanent one. The employee time clock requires no training, and there are no learning curves to overcome. If assistance is ever needed, live U.S. based technical support is always available. Try out the employee time clock today risk free, with no long term commitments needed.

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