Did You Know Most Employees Steal 54 Minutes every 8 Hour Shift?

Employees Steal Time Every Shift They Work!

Well, most of them do anyway! It is a fact. It costs businesses billions every year as minutes add up to hours and hours add up to lots of overpaying. 54 minutes sounds extreme, but it is true. Many reports out there vary from 35 minutes or more but the average employee is at around 50 minutes. Think about how fast that adds up! Employees steal time like this for one simple reason: because they can!

If the boss is away the employees will play. Or in this specific case, steal time! Employees steal because there are no procedures in place that prohibit them from doing so. For instance, if an employee is running late they might call their co-worker and have them clock in for them. This is buddy punching. Employees steal time this way because the system in place allows for it. If MinuteHound was the time and attendance system, there is no way for this to happen. Buddy punching goes away for good.

Employees Steal Time But Also Rob The Bottom-line

Finger Punching Attendance MachineOverpaying hurts. It is the same as paying $50.00 for potato chips or $100.00 for paper towels. No one likes the feeling of overpaying. This hurts savings, investments and the overall bottom-line. Employees steal time but it is so easy to stop. There is no reason any business has to suffer or simply “deal” with this problem at work. Employers don’t have to spend thousands to save hundreds either. It is the exact opposite. Technology like this works 24/7 on the behalf of the employer which overall reduces costs and increases savings.

Payroll expenses go down on average 2-8%. The mere fact that employees no longer have the option to steal time pays for itself everyday. Also, payroll can be done from any browser. No reason to take hours to process payroll anymore. MinuteHound has the technology to put more time and money back into your business life. The unique part is there are no long term obligations or commitments. Either use it and get a huge return on it, or cancel and move on. Pay as you go, not 8 months in advance. Start today and watch the savings add up compared to be sent out!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.

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