Time Clock That Stops Buddy Punching and Time Theft

Use a Time Clock That Works. Not Paper Time Sheets

Labor costs can hinder a business. Tracking down employees, trying to read time sheets, and conducting payroll every week can really drive a manager crazy. That is why there is usually an entire HR department to handle nothing but internal employee matters. Most companies try to save money by using a cheap form of time and attendance, such as punch cards, time sheets, or PIN/PW systems. These don’t work. Straight up and point blank. Those outdated methods end up costing business owners a ton of money in the end. The only true solution is a biometric time clock.

Not any biometric time clock, but MinuteHound’s time clock to be exact! MinuteHound uses fingerprint technology to verify each and every employee before recording their time. This means friends at work can’t help each other and no one can fudge their own time sheet. The only time they get paid for is the time they are physically present and on the job. That is why such a time clock was designed in the first place. It is logical and common sense to use biometric technology to control employees. You don’t want anyone taking your phone and tablet and unlocking it right? Same concept. Only a fingerprint can unlock/clock in an employee.

What Can The Time Clock Do?

Employees Can No Longer Steal TimeSo the time clock itself does 1 thing: recognition. There are no keys or buttons on the time clock. Employees simply walk up and press their finger down on the scanner. It takes a second or two for the match to happen. Then off to work they go. This time is then transferred to the cloud where managers can access this data 24/7. Nothing is every stored on the scanner or the PC/Laptop/Tablet. If the device gets stolen or damaged, the data is always intact. Fingerprints are always secure as none are ever kept on file. It is the perfect time clock for business, every type of business!

This time and attendance system is cost effective and ultra efficient. Employees love it because it is so simple and keeps everyone honest. You don’t have to be part of a click at work anymore, or feel someone else is getting away with more than you. Employers love it as they don’t have to overspend anymore! Try it today and see for yourself.

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