Will There Ever Be An End to Time Theft and Payroll Fraud?

Technology Cures All Wounds. Well Most of Them!

Is payroll fraud and buddy punching driving you crazy? It does to most business owners. Employees steal time at work. That’s a fact. It is problem that plagues just about every business in America. Payroll fraud can be a major factor in what could be decreasing your profits and driving up your costs. Even if employees are honest enough not to steal product or supplies from work, just about all of them will never shortchange their very own paychecks. Most employees want a full day’s pay even if they didn’t work the entire day.

Buddy punching is when friends at work cover for each other. So if someone is running late, wants an extended lunch break, needs to leave early, etc. Friends will cover for each other. This payroll fraud is most common in hourly wage settings that allow for this type of behavior. When employees can share passwords, logins, and especially paper time sheets payroll fraud is easy. MinuteHound makes it hard! Better yet, MinuteHound makes payroll fraud impossible!

Is Payroll Fraud Easy to Stop?

Stop Time Theft With BiometricsMinuteHound makes it easy with its advanced technology. Employees show up to work and they place their finger down on the scanner. This will first verify who they are and then start recording their time. This way no one else but them can actually record time. No more buddy punching and without a doubt no more payroll fraud. Its over once and for all. It is so easy to use and only costs $1.00 per employee. From small to large, everyone can afford this game changing technology.

The best part about MinuteHound is the no commitment model. You don’t have to sign a 5 year agreement or even a 5 month agreement. MinuteHound is month-to-month! Who else does that? No one! MinuteHound know you will love the technology so much there is no way you will stop using once you start. Payroll fraud is bad and costs companies money. MinuteHound ends that and reduces payroll costs at the same time. You can login from anywhere and run reports and check on employee activity. So simple and useful. Try it today and start saving your money! You will wonder how you were doing it before using MinuteHound!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Stops Payroll Fraud.

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