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This Revolutionary Clock In Machine with Fingerprints is Saving Companies Money Everywhere!

Payroll can be a pain to put together every week. Various problems can arise with time clocks. Outdated technology makes the situation worse. There is now a new solution to such problems in the form of a clock in machine with fingerprints! This new technology allows employees to simply place a finger on a scanner to clock in and out for shifts! Created by a company called MinuteHound, the clock in machine with fingerprints is easy to use. It also solves various payroll problems like employees clocking each other in and out. It can also be accessed by the employer from any computer in the world!

There are some concerns about a clock in machine with fingerprints. However, it is an entirely secure system. The information of the employee is stored securely in the cloud. Additionally, no fingerprints are kept on file anywhere. The company also uses additional encryption technology as an added level of security. Security is an important priority. Therefore, the best of care has been taken to protect all classified or confidential information.

Clock In Machine with Fingerprints Helps Everyone Get to Work

This clock in machine with fingerprints also adds some additional features to payroll. The system red flags employees that may be of concern to the employer. Employees that are clocking in too early or late are brought to the attention of the employer quickly and easily. This prevents employees from excessive tardiness or unauthorized overtime. In fact, an email will be sent when any employee clocks in or out at unauthorized times.

Easy To Use Software & Live SupportThis new payroll system is also cost effective. The clock in machine with fingerprints literally costs only pennies per day. MinuteHound claims that the clock in machine with fingerprints will save most companies at least 5% on payroll costs. Companies that currently utilize severely outdated technology may stand to save even more. The best part of all of this is that the clock in machine with fingerprints can be used on any existing computer. Phones and tablets are also viable options for web clocking. This eliminates the cost of purchasing new hardware or needing any special equipment. Computers can become costly, so the ability to utilize existing technology really makes the transition easy.

The transition to the new clock in machine with fingerprints will also not require the employer expensive training time. Since the system is so easy to use, employees can be shown quickly how to use the new technology. Management in larger companies can also easily learn to deal quickly with payroll problems and errors. MinuteHound’s new payroll technology is revolutionizing the way employers handle payroll. Secure and easy to use, this clock in machine with fingerprints is a great solution to payroll solutions for both large and small companies alike.

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