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Simplify Attendance With MinuteHound

Timekeeping applications can require a lot of time and attention for any employer. Luckily, MinuteHound provides simple attendance software. This is a great solution for any business. By maximizing efficiency, MinuteHound can make workflow easier. Attendance and timekeeping are traditionally big time sinks for businesses. With paper timesheets, or number punch-in systems, there is always something to follow up on. By contrast, MinuteHound software uses unique biological identifiers to track each individual’s in and out times.

How do Biometrics Work?

MinuteHound relies on biometrics. Although there are several options for unique identifiers, MinuteHound relies on fingerprints. By using a biometric identifier, and removing badges, timecards, and other paraphernalia, this software prevents time theft by employees. No longer can one worker punch in for another. No longer can workers sign a falsified paper card. No longer can managers cover for their favorites. This simple attendance software solves so many problems. Fingerprinting removes a lot of uncertainty for the employer.

The simple attendance software provided by MinuteHound results in huge savings for many companies. Most clients pay just pennies per day. Cutting down on overhead in this way is always a great move. This simple attendance system is paperless, making it 100% eco-friendly. The timekeeping software is plug-and-play. No complicated training is required. There is no learning curve to speak of. This is truly simple attendance software.

Simple Attendance Software: No Risks or Obligations

Biometric Time RecordingMinuteHound is an incredible value for the money. When an employee is late, or leaves early, an email or text message can be sent automatically to inform the supervisor. Because it is based on cloud technology, MinuteHound can be reached from any internet connection, anywhere in the world. There is really no risk when it comes to the simple attendance software provided by MinuteHound. There is no contract to sign, and no obligation on your part. The sleek functionality of this simple attendance software makes using it a no-brainer, even in the long term. With MinuteHound, clients rest assured that they are not being taken advantage of, by employees or by the software provider.

The MinuteHound Advantage

MinuteHound has advantages that no other timekeeping system on the market can offer. Accessibility, savings, and reliability are key features of MinuteHound time and attendance software. This simple attendance software can really revolutionize the way you do business. This company stands behind its product. We offer round-the-clock support, so clients are never alone with a problem. Security is also key at MinuteHound. With 128-bit encryption, you can rest assured that your data is safe. With just a shift from a paper-based system to a more simple attendance software system, everything can be changed.

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