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Why Simple Employee Attendance Works so Well

Keeping track of time and attendance can either be easy or hard. More than likely at most businesses, it is overlooked as managers just rely on the honestly and reliability of their staff. This of course does not work. Employees steal time and will never short themselves. Even hard-working and honest employees steal time not thinking anything of it. The simple employee attendance works perfectly since there is not much to do besides plug it in! MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanner does all the work. Therefore when an employee places their finger down on the device, their time is recorded. There is no other way to do it. Friends cannot cover for each other or fill in time sheets. The simple employee attendance system immediately stops fraud and human error. There is no better way to cut out fraud and boost productivity than using the simple employee attendance system.

How Does the Simple Employee Attendance Affect Payroll?

By cutting out human fraud, honesty mistakes, and all forms of theft the simple employee attendance system from day 1 will reduce not only what you pay out, but how fast and accurate you can process the payroll. MinuteHound’s reporting system allows for access by managers anytime. So they can login and verify hours, change hours, and process on the spot. No more late nights trying to read bad hand writing. The simple employee attendance system makes business life not just easier, but less costly in minimal time!

Is the Simple Employee Attendance System Expensive?

Is $1.00 per employee every month expensive? Exactly! For just pennies a day you could be saving money and time. Leave all the headaches and frustrations of payroll out of your daily life. MinuteHound also provides customer service and will help out anytime it is needed. The price includes every feature, support, troubleshooting, you name it! No fine print. The simple employee attendance system is so effective and easy, within minutes you will see the change. No long term commitments either. If you like it, keep using. If not, just stop! Try it today and test it.

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