Electronic Attendance System For Employees and Staff – Time Reporting

Time Management With Electronic Attendance Systems

An electronic attendance system may use tags, badges, cards, touch screens or fingerprint recognition. Of all the systems a company can use, fingerprint recognition gives the best and easiest to use option. An electronic attendance system that uses fingerprint recognition requires no set up and can be used to quickly add new employees to the system. Replace bulky and faulty systems with a simple electronic attendance system with a fingerprint reader that never forgets an employee.

Log Hours
When an employee comes to work, they must place their finger on a simple device that attaches to any computer. The device reads the fingerprint, looks up the employee record and clocks them in. If the employee shows up late or doesn’t show at all, managers get text or email alerts to notify them. This makes it possible to get another employee to cover the shift. The manager can also show up and cover the shift until a replacement can be found.

Data Transfer
After an employee logs in, the information gets securely scrambled and sent to an external server. The entire path to the server is coded and prevents access from a third party that might want to steal company information. An electronic attendance system protects your employees more than a standard paper-based system. With paper, documents can go missing and you may never know about a breach. An electronic attendance system logs all attempts to access information and prevents employees from having someone else clock them in for work.

Timesheet Calculation
Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackAn electronic attendance system can track employee wages and provide a manager with a quick overview of current labor costs. The system can help a manager generate employee timesheets, in which the total wages can then be quickly determined. A manager can take that data and determine midweek if a shift needs more workers or if the company needs to cut back on employee hours to maintain profits. Using an electronic attendance system can save your managers money by giving them the data they need to make good choices when creating employee schedules.

Reduce Errors and Save Time
Manual entry can result in costly errors. An electronic attendance system makes errors less likely. Manual systems are prone to human error. Use an electronic attendance system to avoid problems caused by mistakes and omissions. A manager can spend less time working on the schedule and processing payroll and more time thinking about how to improve the company product line. It’s true that time is money and giving your managers the tools needed to save time helps every aspect of your company. Attendance issues can take several hours to correct. Data in an electronic format can be easily viewed and managed.

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