USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader- Small and Cost Effective

The USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader That is Plug and Play

What is a USB biometric fingerprint reader? Good question, and the answer is pretty simple: it is a fingerprint scanner that plugs into any USB port on any computer you have. The USB biometric fingerprint reader does exactly as it says, which is reads employees prints to record their attendance. Whenever they show up to work, take breaks, or leave for the day, all they have to do is place their finger or thumb on the scanner and bam, their time is recorded. It is very easy to use, simple to understand, and records time crystal clear. The USB biometric fingerprint reader takes out all the guesswork a manager usually has to go through.

The USB biometric fingerprint reader is not only easy to use, but requires no technical experience or knowledge to install. After placing an order you will receive the reader in the mail. All you have to do after that is plug it in. The USB biometric fingerprint reader is plug and play, which means just plug it in and follow the instructions. After installation is complete, employee have to register only once and then they are good to go. You can be up and running with MinuteHound in less than 15 minutes. The USB biometric fingerprint reader is not complicated nor confusing. It is very simple and even if a roadblock occurs, MinuteHound has a team of U.S. operators standing by to assist you at anytime.

The USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader Is Safe To Use

Thumbprint Time Clock ReviewsWondering where the fingerprint goes after it is recorded? The answer is nowhere! It goes nowhere for it is never actually recorded. MinuteHound has a unique and one of a kind patent that allows each and every fingerprint to be broken down into a set of binary numbers. So when an employee scans their finger, that print is immediately transmitted as a number. No images are ever stored. Nothing is ever kept. Fingerprints are impossible to retrieve. MinuteHound’s USB biometric fingerprint reader is 100% safe to use with no possibility of information loss.

Not only is the USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader safe to use, but also easy to place. It is small, about the size of a computer mouse. The reader comes with a 6 foot cord, but can be extended up to 54 feet with additional extenders. It is less than 1 pound and ultra durable. Placing it near an entrance or a main terminal or in a break room is no problem. All times are live, so as soon as someone presses down on the scanner, that time is recorded live in the internet. Try the USB biometric fingerprint reader today!

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MinuteHound USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader.

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