Electronic Time Recorder- Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Electronic Time Recorder For Businesses and Employees

Every company that has employees must have a way to accurately record their time worked. Although there are many various methods on how to do this, an electronic time recorder is your best bet. The reason why is simple: it works. Not only does it work, but MinuteHound’s electronic time recorder is affordable, accurate, and highly reliable. It uses state of the art technology in order to provide managers flawless time and attendance reports. The electronic time recorder, combined with MinuteHound time clock software, will power every business into more savings and lower costs.

Setting up the electronic time recorder is simple. All anyone has to do is simply plug it in. Once connected to any computer, the time clock software is downloaded. Employees are registered and the change begins. No more cheating or friends covering for each other. The electronic time recorder keeps everyone honest, as the only way to record time worked is by swiping a fingerprint. Pins and passwords can be shared, but not fingers! A quick swipe not only stops buddy punching, but also provides owners and managers very detailed and accurate reports for payroll and HR.

Features and Benefits of an Electronic Time Recorder

The electronic time recorder is the physical device your staff will use when clocking-in and clocking-out of work. MinuteHound however is the full package. A true solution for any business. The many features and benefits include: text/email alerts, live friendly technical support, 24/7 cloud access, payroll exporting, and so much more. From a small business to a large corporation, MinuteHound is the ideal package to help manage staff.

Electronic Time Recorder- Lead Your Business To SuccessThe electronic time recorder is also green. Employees no longer have to sign time sheets. Managers don’t have to print out reports either. Since everything is digital, paper is not needed! Managers can log-on from anywhere in the world and download reports, email them to staff, and conduct payroll. Employees can also log-in and view their own personal reports. The goal of MinuteHound is to have users work smarter, not harder. When you go green, you save! An electronic time recorder will spark a change from day 1!

Electronic Time Recorder- Price and Fees

The electronic time recorder itself is $99.95. You pay this once and never again, as a lifetime guarantee is included. MinuteHound itself is a monthly fee. The total cost per month is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. You only have to pay for what you need and the small monthly fee includes lifetime updates and every other feature MinuteHound has to offer. The system will pay for itself once the savings start to add up. Payroll costs will go down, time theft will be over, and mistakes will be fixed. The electronic time recorder is a simple first take all managers should take toward savings and efficiency.

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