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Do you own a business? Does managing your own employee attendance sheet cause you stress? Are you tired of managing dozens of paper timecards? Do you struggle with printouts of your employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs? Do you have employees that are less than honest on their employee attendance sheet? Here is the perfect solution for you! Let MinuteHound simplify all of these employee attendance sheet issues!

The easy-to-use, cutting edge employee attendance sheet technology utilized in MinuteHound Time and Attendance software uses biometric fingerprinting to cut back on employee attendance sheet fraud! By requiring each individual employee to scan their own fingerprint to clock in and out for their shifts, you can hold your employees accountable for their own punches, each and every time they work.

Are you concerned about an employee you think might be showing up late or cutting out early? Worry no more! This incredible software even gives you the option to receive an email or text message if an employee clocks in late or leaves early from an assigned shift. There’s no more waiting to review employee attendance sheets to see who is cheating your company out of hard-earned profits or not pulling their own weight!

Go Green And Save: Biometric Employee Attendance Sheet

You’ll never need to worry about your employee attendance sheet data being secure, either! MinuteHound uses industry-leading 128-bit encryption to store and transfer your employee attendance sheet information to your own personal data cloud. This advanced cloud-based storage system allows you to access live reports of your employee attendance sheet data from anywhere in the world! Imagine being able to travel without the stress caused by worrying about your employees showing up for work back at home.

Are you a Mac or a PC user? It doesn’t matter! From any internet connected device, you can access and edit reports. The only requirement is for the scan itself, which needs a Windows based operating system. There are no special computer requirements or complicated installation to get up and running. It’s completely plug and play! It is so easy to use that there’s no learning curve or long, expensive training required to start using it. In a matter of minutes, an office can be turned digital and being using the employee attendance sheet.

Go Green With Digital Employee Attendance SheetUsing MinuteHound for your employee attendance sheet needs will save you time and money! The time clock software costs just pennies a day to run, allowing you to focus on building a stronger business with all the money you’ll save! MinuteHound knows that your business might not run on a typical nine-to-five schedule, so neither does MinuteHound! The knowledgeable, friendly customer service team is available round the clock for technical support, so there’s no more waiting for “normal” business hours to get help when you need it!

All Reward No Risk- The Employee Attendance Sheet

The best part is that there’s no obligation once you start using MinuteHound for your employee attendance sheet needs. To top all of these amazing benefits off, MinuteHound is completely risk free! If you’re not happy with MinuteHound, simply cancel whenever you want. The employee attendance sheet is designed to save time and money, and from the very first day these benefits will be instant. Try it out now, as there is nothing to lose.

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