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Employee Attendance Sheet Solutions: Store it in a Cloud

Companies need to keep track of the time at which their employees are arriving to work a shift and the time at which they leave in order to make sure that they are getting paid correctly. Most companies do this by creating an employee attendance sheet. An employee attendance sheet is usually either by hand, creating only one hard copy unless it is copied using other equipment, or on a local hard drive in a spreadsheet. These systems are excellent for companies that are staying small because often the person who is doing payroll will be able to access the hard copy or the hard drive with ease.

The situation changes when a company gets bigger so that there are more than a few employees and a few different managers needing to have access to the employee attendance sheet. Luckily, MinuteHound has come up with a modular solution to make it easy for companies to expand.

Put the Employee Attendance Sheet in the Cloud
New and Improved Time Stamp MachineA cloud is an online storage center in which documents, photos, and other types of content are stored. To access the employee attendance sheet that is stored in the cloud, all a person needs is the link to the information and the password that will allow him or her to access the information. The MinuteHound employee attendance system allows employees to scan their fingerprints and then the time and date at which the fingerprints were scanned is sent to the cloud where it can later be analyzed. This has the benefit of streamlining the entire payroll system and ensuring that everyone who needs to have access to the employee attendance sheet is able to do so.

Another advantage that is associated with putting the employee attendance sheet in a cloud is that it allows employers to upload the schedules so that the employees coming in can be verified as supposed to be coming in. This means that the MinuteHound attendance system will be able to compare the employee attendance sheet to the schedule. If they do not match, for example if one employee shows up late, then the system will send an alert through text or email to the manager on duty or to anybody designated by the employer. The person in charge will be able to cover for that absence and ensure that no productivity is lost by calling in extra employees or shifting the employees already there around to cover all of the positions.

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