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Do Away With Printable Time Cards to Save Money on Your Payroll

MinuteHound is a better solution that allows employers to track attendance with cloud-based biometric identification. This means that an employee can use their finger to clock in and out which can eliminate time theft by time clock manipulation. MinuteHound is the only company that can offer this service on a cloud based system. Because this system is 100% internet based, MinuteHound can automatically send text and email notifications when and employee is late and allows managers to see employee attendance records in real time.

Throw Away Those Printable Time Cards To Eliminate Time Theft!
MinuteHound is a time attendance system that eliminates time theft with a 100% cloud based biometric identification system. Unlike printable time cards, employees clock in and out with the touch of a finger. This makes it much harder for a tardy employee to manipulate the system. For example, with printable time cards if ‘Jane’ is late for work she can call a friend to punch her time card to make it appear as if she was there on time. This practice, sometimes known as “buddy punching” will be a thing of the past now that ‘Jane’ must use her finger print as identification to clock in.

With a Cloud Based System You Can Leave Printable Time Cards Behind
Information and data stored over the internet in a 100% cloud based system is much harder to lose than printable time cards. MinuteHound is the only company that can provide this kind of service because MinuteHound has a Patent on cloud-based biometric identification. Connecting to your employee attendance data through the internet also means that you can receive real time updates when employees are late or there are too few or too many employees on the clock. Managers can check these records at any time, from anywhere to make more efficient decisions when working with their employees.

Stop Sifting Through Printable Time Cards and Simplify Your Payroll Process

Stop Time Theft With BiometricsMinuteHound automatically calculates and provides detailed time and attendance reports. You don’t need any special training or IT skills to use the program, this information is instantly ready for you to use! It will drastically reduce the time and stress involved in your payroll process. This paperless system will allow you to use and share these reports from any location with internet access and save you money on printing as well.

MinuteHound can reduce your average payroll costs by 2-8% by simplifying your payroll process and eliminating time theft. And it will give you up to the minute data on employee attendance allowing more efficient management. Why waste time and money on printable time cards when there is a better solution?

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