Employee Attendance Tracking Software: Calendars And Spreadsheets

Employee Attendance Tracking Software: Innovation At It’s Finest

There is an amazing new employee attendance tracking system that will save you money, time, and aggravation from the word go. Most systems for employee attendance tracking make use of easily lost time cards, clocks that can be tampered with, or other similar issues that lead up to one main problem. The only way to make sure your employees aren’t cheating the system is to have someone physically watch the sign in area. Thanks to MinuteHound, however, that’s no longer an issue.

With our amazing employee attendance tracking system, you can rest easy knowing that any time someone comes in late or leaves early, you will instantly receive an email informing you. You can also setup employee attendance tracking software to alert you via text message as well. This not only keeps you informed, but creates documentation. Now you have a foolproof system in place. Accurate payroll is guaranteed. Employee attendance tracking is your best line of defense against any type of employee lawsuit.

Biometric scan technology means that your employees will never need to be issued replacement cards if theirs are lost. All they need to do is scan their fingerprint at your sign in area, and they’re done. Not only does our employee attendance tracking system eliminate the chances of them losing their card and unapproved overtime, but it also prevents “buddy punching” completely. Time theft is a serious issue. It exists in both blue and white collar work environments. Advanced employee attendance tracking truly puts an end to time theft.

Employee Attendance Tracking Makes Payroll A Breeze

Instant Savings with MinuteHound's Employee Attendance TrackingOne of the most important things about employee attendance tracking, and likely this is what you’re most curious about, is how much money it saves your company. The fingerprint scanner plugs right into any of your existing computers, and all of the information is stored remotely on cloud servers. This means that you can access your payroll information, securely, from anywhere in the world. No bulky servers clogging up your own office, and it costs just pennies a day.

Not only can you look up your payroll information from anywhere, you can also check real-time numbers to see who is clocked in, how long they’ve been on, and how close they are to going into overtime. Employee attendance tracking from MinuteHound gives you instant access to monitor employee activity. No other machine you can buy even comes close. Accurate pay for accurate work. That is what you get with employee attendance tracking.

Effortless Payroll With MinuteHoundProcessing payroll is effortless with employee attendance tracking. MinuteHound displays an Excel based wage calculation table. You only need to add the hourly rate, then total it up. You can then print this information, export it to a spreadsheet, PDF, Excel or ASCII. Employee attendance tracking data can also be exported to allow import into accounting systems commonly used in today’s business world. Quick books and other commonly used programs are supported as well.

Employee Attendance Tracking Literally Pays For Itself

So, as you can see, MinuteHound is the solution to all of your employee attendance tracking needs. It is more than a simple tool or program. It has a laundry list of features to help your business succeed. There is no training required. No learning curve to master. Simple and effective. Employee attendance tracking is designed to help you streamline payroll. Not only do you save time, but no more lost wages. By implementing employee attendance tracking in your workplace, you stat saving 5-8% off your payroll. This system literally pays for itself.

Employee attendance tracking is the software that runs on any existing machine you currently use. No other equipment to buy. There are no contracts to sign, ever. Holidays, vacations, sick-days, call-offs, and all other employee activity can be edited as well. Employee attendance tracking never stops working for you. However if you ever need help, simply call. The team here at MinuteHound is standing by to better assist you whenever you need us. We pride ourselves on your success. Your success starts with employee attendance tracking. Make the switch today. You will be glad you did!

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