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Electronic Attendance System: Biometric Style

It is the year 2014 and time to put technology to work for you! The electronic attendance system works flawlesly and simple to use. To better describe what the electronic attendance system is, think of how you currently record employee time and attendance. Is it through time cards? Pins and/or passwords? Time sheets? Honor system? However you do it, if it is not through biometrics, it is flawed. The only way to truly cut out waste and keep employees honest is by having a system in place that eliminates dishonesty. By holding employees accountable for their actions is the surefire way to boost savings, eliminate waste, and increase productivity.

The electronic attendance system does not need any type of training to use. After placing an order and receiving the fingerprint scanner in the mail, all one has to do is plug it in the computer. The software gets downloaded and employees are registered. After about 15 minutes, employees can clock-in and clock-out with a simple scan of the finger. No more honor systems, but true time and attendance. The electronic attendance system offers truth in reporting, which no other system can provide. Friends cover and employees cover themselves. These are facts, as the average employee steals 54 minutes every 8 hours shift. To them a few minutes here and there are nothing. But to an employer, these minutes add up. The electronic attendance system puts an end to these bad practices.

Electronic Attendance System is Both Advanced and Safe

Cloud File Security | Monthly Time SheetsWhether you love or hate technology, the truth is this technology works. Over 150,000 users record their time with MinuteHound everyday. The electronic attendance system not only works, but saves employers money every pay period. Employees don’t work for free, so having a system that pays them for time worked compared to time they claim they work is a huge advantage for every business. From small business to large organizations, the electronic attendance system is in use.

The electronic attendance system is also very safe to use, as it never records a single fingerprint. Each fingerprint is broken down into numbers, which are then transmitted using 128-bit encryption. MinuteHound has 0 knowledge of any fingerprints. There are never any images stored and not one single print kept on file. Each and every employee can rest assured that there is never any type of information risk. The electronic attendance system is safe and sound for everyone to use!

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Biometric Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Electronic Attendance System.

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