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Finger Attendance in the Workplace

The private sector is a place driven by results and performance. If someone doesn’t meet requirements, then that person will probably not be employed too long. Same with government employees, everyone has standards they have to meet. A big driving force for any job is the small and simple things, such as showing up on time. Being where you’re supposed to be and not leaving early. These small things are harder to track and measure than thought of, which is why finger attendance is the perfect solution for any situation. Current time and attendance solutions include time cards, time sheets, pins, passwords, and many other forms of outdated technology.

MinuteHound is the chosen time and attendance solution for unions and large organizations for many reasons. The biggest reason is our 0 knowledge servers, which guarantees no information risk or privacy concerns. The finger attendance system works by employees placing their finger on a scanner, then matching their finger with their name and recording their time. The finger attendance system is different however, in the sense that prints are never stored and never kept. Each print is broken down into a binary string of numbers, meaning not a single fingerprint could ever be lost or stolen or misplaced! The finger attendance system is safety, security, and accuracy all combined.

How Does Finger Attendance Work?

Build Your Success With Biometric SolutionsNow that the benefits of MinuteHound’s finger attendance system has been described, how it works is the easy part. After placing an order a scanner is shipped out. Once received, it simple gets plugged into a computer and the software gets downloaded. It takes less than 10 minutes for the entire process. After that, only thing left to do is scan the employees fingerprint and have them get to work. The finger attendance system is easy, but even if there was a problem or someone needed help, MinuteHound offers around the clock customer service. The finger attendance system is designed to save money and be self-driven. But no matter what, MinuteHound supports its products and software with 1st-rate customer service.

Once the fingerprint scanner is installed, that is really the only time a manager will ever have to really deal with the software. The best part of MinuteHound is that it is 100% cloud based. Nothing is ever stored locally. Managers can access their records from anywhere in the world at anytime. The finger attendance system captures time live, so as soon as someone clocks-in or clocks-out, the manager will see that time online. Try out the finger attendance system today and get saving!

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