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MinuteHound Provides A State-Of-The-Art Employee Monitor And Scheduling System

Businesses small and large face time-consuming administrative tasks every day, not the least of which is an employee monitor and scheduling system. Traditional paper and electronic time clock systems involve wasted time confirming punches and schedules. Fortunately, a far simpler, cheaper and state-of-the-art alternative exists: MinuteHound eliminates each of these headaches while also providing a little extra convenience.

MinuteHound Is Easy And Convenient
MinuteHound requires no training; to enroll an employee must simply enter their name and scan their fingerprint. The fingerprint reader itself connects to any USB port, and with up to 3 extension cables can be installed within 54 feet of the computer. Because the reader is a simple USB device, it can be installed on any computer: POS machines, inventory systems and more. MinuteHound’s cloud-based storage allows easy access from any device, wherever an internet connection exists. The web-based interface ensures maximum compatibility across countless devices, giving you any employee monitor data at your fingertips.

A Safe And Secure Employee Monitor System Matters
Utilizing technology originally developed with highly sensitive military facilities in mind, your employee monitor and scheduling data will be safe from prying eyes. Upon scanning, the fingerprint is then immediately translated into a 128-bit encrypted code before it is fragmented and each piece sent independently to the cloud. Fingerprints are not stored as images, and cannot be reverse-engineered, thus preserving your employees’ privacy as well as your own. Additionally, because your data is stored on secure cloud-based servers, there is no risk of data loss resulting from damage to local systems. Our cloud-based system utilizes multiple redundancies to ensure data friendly and interruption-free service.

MinuteHound offers unparalleled flexibility, scalability and customization. Scheduling and implementing an employee monitor are easier than ever. A heavily customizable alert system sends notifications via text and email in real time. You can receive alerts if an employee’s clock-in or clock-out time doesn’t match their schedule. Implementation is just as easy with 50,000 employees as it is with 50. There is no upper limit to MinuteHound’s scalability, regardless of how many branches or locations are included in your company’s structure; manage hundreds of locations as easily as one. Your data can be easily exported and used with countless accounting systems.

Reduce The Cost Of Your Payroll
Tracking Employee Attendance w/ BiometricsMinuteHound will ultimately save you money. Paper-based employee monitor systems require additional time and consequentially money to process and store. Even traditional electronic systems demand administrative overhead. MinuteHound produces no paperwork, calculation or headaches. Everything is automated and all data is just a click away. The nature of the automatic biometric employee monitor system also eliminates fraud such as buddy clocking. You will have the oversight you need at a fraction of the price, saving 2% to 8% on payroll costs.

An updated, cost-efficient and effective employee monitor system is a necessity for today’s businesses. Inconsistent, unreliable and time-intensive time-clocks are a thing of the past. MinuteHound can modernize your business, providing it with security, flexibility, simplicity and elegance.

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