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There are a great many advantages to owning or managing a company, as well as quite a few inherent frustrations. Among the very best perks of overseeing a workforce of any size is the opportunity to become invested in the lives of a group of people united with a common goal.

Granted, there can be a number of barriers to fostering that relationship, not the least of which is the necessity for maintaining a certain level of distrust – not in the employees themselves, necessarily, but in the whole process. The human element is fallible, after all, and errors can be costly in any type of workplace. An online scheduling system can remove a great deal of uncertainty. In a world where errors can be accidental or intentional, it makes sense to adopt a system that removes as many variable as possible.

The MinuteHound Online Scheduling System
We have made a name for ourselves designing the world’s most advanced online scheduling system. We’ve taken a look at common problems in everyday life in the workplace and thought about the most elegant solutions. The result is our comprehensive online scheduling system, featuring our biometric time clock.

Biometrics work for your employees by simplifying the time clock experience. It gets them onto the floor faster in the morning and into their cars faster at the end of the day. Biometrics also work for management by ensuring that the process is free from dishonesty.

Cure Time Theft With Attendance TrackingTime theft is a very real problem in the modern workplace and can cost your company thousands of dollars every year. By making the switch to our online scheduling system, you can take advantage of some great automated features that make it much harder for employees to take advantage of your trust.

It’s Automatic
One of the most important features of our online scheduling system is its ability to generate automatic notifications when employees clock in late in the morning or leave before their shift is over. The process of tracking down shift deviations used to be fraught with difficulties, but the MinuteHound online scheduling system makes it easy to detect discrepancies and deal with them accordingly.

The Power of the Cloud
We’ve also built cloud technology into our online scheduling system, which means that all of your important company data is kept safe on remote servers. You won’t need to keep stacks of time cards around anymore. Instead, your data is easily retrieved from just about anywhere and is protected with powerful encryption techniques.

What this all adds up to is a comprehensive system that can not only save your company a lot of trouble, but also money. If you’ve been struggling with timekeeping in your workplace, then now might be the perfect time to see what modern technology can do for you.

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