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Introducing the MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock!

The time clock has remained largely unchanged since its introduction in 1888, when a jeweler named Willard Bundy created the device. Willard Bundy’s time clock worked on a very simple principle. His employees would insert a heavy paper card into a punch slot. The clock would then stamp the card with the time and date of the punch. A separate department, called a payroll department, would then tally the number of hours each employee worked, deducted payroll taxes and came up with the net amount for each employee’s paycheck.

Time Theft and Inefficient Timekeeping Change the Face of the Time Clock

Fast forward almost 130 years, and you’ll discover that despite Willard Bundy’s simple and elegant design, the time clock had glaring flaws. First, the time clock required large amounts of maintenance. Often, parts would need to be replaced and had to be kept free of rust. Another problem with the time clock was lost time cards. The cards would either fall out of employees’ pockets or payroll would misplace the cards. Last, and probably the biggest issue was time theft. If you’re not familiar with time theft, a Detroit Business Law article will shed some light on the subject. Needless to say, the system is in need of changes.

The MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock Seeks to Eliminate Time Theft Worries

Researchers at MinuteHound have developed a new type of time clock. The MinuteHound fingerprint time clock uses highly advanced biometric scanning technology to create high-resolution images of employee fingerprints. The fingerprints are encrypted and sent to a secured cloud server along with the time and date of each punch.

Installation is quick and easy, and requires no training. Just install the software on any computer on your network. You don’t even need a dedicated server! Employees punch in and out of the system by scanning their fingerprint using a small USB scanner. The scanner comes with a single USB cable, but up to five extension cables can be used, allowing the scanner to be placed up to 50 feet away from the computer. Extension cables are sold separately.

Cloud-based Technology Means Data Can be Accessed from Anywhere

Having problems with an employee forgetting to punch in or out? You can monitor data in real time from anywhere in the world by logging into the system. All you need is a username, password and any wireless device, and you can ensure that your employees are on the clock when they need to be.

Concerns About Employee Privacy

With the MinuteHound fingerprint time clock, you no longer need to be concerned about employee privacy. The fingerprint time clock software uses very powerful 128-bit encryption to scramble employee data and stores the scrambled data on a secured cloud server. Only the fingerprint time clock software can read the data, so you don’t have to worry about corporate spies or hackers breaking into the system.

Unique Red Flag System Identifies Tardiness, Late/Early Punches and Fraud

The MinuteHound fingerprint time clock uses a unique red flagging system that can be customized for your needs. You can program the fingerprint time clock to send you an Email or text message if it detects anything unusual.

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