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MinuteHound Time Clock Systems: Accurate Time and Attendance Reporting

Businesses lose hundreds of thousands of dollars or more per year from inaccurate time and attendance reporting. The MinuteHound Time Clock System eliminates fraud, provides accurate reporting, and calculates all hours worked. Learn more about MinuteHound to discover how cloud based software can save your company time and money.

Real Time Reporting

The MinuteHound Time Clock System provides real time reporting. Upper management can easily stay informed of business activity as it happens in real time. Cloud based time clock systems helps businesses identify problems with time and attendance reporting. The time clock system can also be used to adjust staffing based on current business needs.

Timeclock Fraud Solutions

Timeclock fraud occurs when employees provide false time and attendance reporting. Employees also commit timeclock fraud when they clock in and out for other associates. MinuteHound Time Clock Systems use finger print technology to eliminate fraud. This kind of technology ensures employees are clocking themselves in and out of work shifts. Fingerprint technology also prevents employees from changing clock-in times.

Instant Payroll Calculations

The MinuteHound Time Clock System saves businesses time and money. Time and attendance reports can be calculated instantly. You can edit reports from any browser. Virtual payroll reviews can also lower labor costs. The MinuteHound Time Clock System can be connected to any computer with an internet connection. The time clock software runs in the background, which allows employees to use computers for daily work activities. Time clocks can be set up to 54 feet from terminals with the use of extension cables. Employees can easily use fingerprint scanners, which are encrypted into 128-bit numbers. The bit numbers are fragmented into servers around the world. MinuteHound never stores fingerprints, which protects the privacy of employees.

Convenient Viewing Access

Time and attendance reporting can be viewed in real time from a computer web browser or mobile device. Managers can receive email alerts when employees do not adhere to their regular schedule. Attendance reports can even be imported into many commonly used accounting systems. >MinuteHound provides accurate time and attendance reporting at an affordable price. Customers are not required to commit to anything! Businesses will not be charged any cancellation or hidden fees. Fingerprint scanners can be purchased for just $99.95 per device in addition to paying a small monthly fee. MinuteHound provides a lifetime guarantee and offers free online service support.

The MinuteHound Time Clock System uses fingerprint technology to provide time and attendance reporting in real time. Fingerprint technology eliminates timeclock fraud and can calculate payroll reports instantly. Timeclock information can viewed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Contact MinuteHound today to help your business save both time and money.

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