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A great deal of employers are still using primitive methods of tracking employees. Such companies use erred methods of time clock entry and record keeping. The statistics from companies that do not use modernized employee software shows that these organizations are losing 5 to 10 percent of its payroll costs on payroll discrepancies. For a company that makes thousands or millions of dollars, 5 percent is a great deal of money to lose on something the company can rectify in seconds. The MinuteHound employee software can help any business to cut losses and stay more organized.

What is the MinuteHound Employee Software?
The MinuteHound employee software is something that comes with its innovative new time punch system. Workers can clock in and out using a special scanner that records fingerprint information. The scanner then sends the information to a database where the manger can have access to the information. The system is very easy to use, and the person using it will not have to take any type of training. The goal of the company is to have the employee software system up and running within five minutes. A quick launching employee software system like this saves the company time.

Other Benefits of MinuteHound Employee Software
One Additional benefit of the special product that MinuteHound offers is its accuracy. The system prevents time theft by only accepting the employee’s fingerprints. Employees cannot clock in or out for other employees. No one will be able to lengthen or shorten a shift, because the manger can view real time attendance from anywhere in the world. The payroll department will not have to worry about generating reports, because the employee software system will create payroll reports.

Using the MinuteHound System
Easy To Use Employee SoftwareThe MinuteHound employee punch system only requires the user to plug in a USB cable that connects the device to a nearby computer. The device comes with a six-foot USB cord. Once the person connects the scanner, the system is just about ready to go. Each employee has to register in the program. The process of registering will take less than five minutes.

The MinuteHound system saves jobs money. As previously stated, a business can save 5 to 10 percent of payroll costs by ordering a program. The cost of the system is also minimal in comparison to other programs. A company can enjoy safe, accurate and efficient payroll processing for only a few pennies per day. The user can also pay for service each month. No contracts are included with the program, so anyone who wishes to discontinue can do so. MinuteHound is sure that new clients will be so impressed that they will never want to stop using the service.

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