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Each year, employers spend thousands of dollars on labor costs due to time theft. The fingerprint clocking system answers the need for accurate time reporting for employees. With the introduction of solutions like MinuteHound’s time attendance tracking solution, companies are cutting labor costs. Employees can clock in one another if one is absent or late. The plug and play, cloud-based fingerprint clocking system eliminates that with fingerprint technology. The fingerprint clocking system recognizes the individual’s unique identification data and uses it to track data accordingly. This prevents employees from being able to steal time through these deceptive methods.

Reporting errors can happen with manual reporting methods. With a growing workforce, keeping track of employee time complicates the reporting process. The cloud-based fingerprint clocking system makes it easier to track large volumes of data through automation features. These features minimize reporting errors. The fingerprint clocking system improves accuracy with email alerts, scheduled daily reporting, and other features to minimize reporting.

Different people may share responsibilities for time management. Collaborative capabilities simplify time tracking for groups responsible for time management. The cloud fingerprint clocking system makes the solution available to employees from any location, which is especially helpful if there are multiple locations or employees working remotely. The opportunity for collaboration enabled through cloud-based fingerprint clocking system makes it easier for multiple users to work together with ease.

Switching to a new fingerprint clocking system can be a cumbersome process. Training barriers make it difficult for companies to transition to better solutions. Many companies consider a significant learning curve to be a barrier to considering high tech, innovative time tracking solutions. Companies can transition to the MinuteHound fingerprint clocking system without having to hold extensive training sessions. The simple fingerprint clocking system is designed with an intuitive interface and no training is required.

100% Secure Cloud Based Time Clock SoftwareReplacing, managing and programming timecards are an involved process. Keeping up with timecards is one of the most difficult challenges for human resource professionals. Since most human resources professionals are responsible for more than just time management alone. Having to take time to order a timecard replacement or having to reprogram a card if it somehow malfunctions is a hassle for professionals. Eliminating the timecard management task improves productivity and makes the life of professional that much easier.

Stringent laws require that employers guard employee data. Companies are exposed to a number of threats in handling heavy volumes of sensitive data. A company that cannot manage the data in a secure environment risks data breach. Paper intensive time tracking methods also presents a number of risks. Adopting a biometric fingerprint technology solution improves data security. All data is transmitted using a 128-bit encryption to transfer data. The individual manages their time independently through the solution, avoiding the paper-intensive, manual time tracking issues. Safe, secure and reliable time tracking solution makes it much easier to carefully manage employee data. Time tracking requirements may diminish productivity for a professional responsible for multiple key functions outside of time management. Solutions like these simplify the time tracking process. With a minor learning curve, companies can easily transition to the solution.

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