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MinuteHound Makes Employee Time Management Easy

When it comes to running a company, some tasks are easier than others. Take, for example, employee time management. What if there was a way to eliminate all of the frustrations inherent in that process? What if you could streamline everything? With MinuteHound, now there’s a way to do just that.

MinuteHound is proud to represent the future of time and attendance tracking. So what is it? Quite simply, it’s a comprehensive time tracking system that combines the power of a biometric time clock with cloud-based attendance software. It’s the perfect combination of hardware and software in a package that makes employee time management effortless for all parties involved.

The Hardware

Let’s take a look at the hardware to start with. MinuteHound’s unique biometric time clock is the backbone of our employee time management system. The fingerprints of each employee are kept on file and are used for identification, meaning that clocking in and out is as easy as pressing a finger on the sensor. By eliminating passwords and name badges from the equation, a great deal of potential confusion and frustration can be eliminated. For larger companies that only have a couple of time clocks for a large workforce, biometrics can greatly cut down on the time employees spend at the time clock.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of adopting a biometric employee time management system is the fact that management will no longer need to rely on the honor system to govern employee behavior. Regrettably, it’s all too common for employees to swap or share badges, or otherwise clock in or out for each other. With the MinuteHound system, time theft and fraud will become a thing of the past.

The Software

The hardware is only one part of the equation. Most of the heavy lifting is done behind the scenes, where our comprehensive employee time management software offers some great tools, including automation. The system is able to generate automatic reports any time an employee deviates from their scheduled shift. What this means is that late arrivals or early departures are easily tracked, eliminating another area of frequent confusion.

Employee Time Management SoftwareIn addition, our employee time management is cloud-based, making it one of the first systems of its kind. What this means is that employee records are stored remotely on a server, meaning you’ll no longer have to allocate physical or even virtual storage for employee time management data. That said, it still remains accessible from any company computer.

The Bottom Line

If your company has been searching for a solution to common employee time management problems, look no further than MinuteHound. We do what we do for your peace of mind: from our intuitive software to our risk-free guarantee, we’ve got you covered.

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