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There’s plenty of antiquated technology floating around today: some of it has been kept for the sake of nostalgia (who’d have imagined vinyl LPs would come back in such a big way?), while others are still in use because the newer, better alternatives aren’t yet widely known.

Business owners know better than most that outdated technology and work practices can hurt productivity and morale. Badge cards, for example, can be as frustrating as they are inconvenient. There are practical reasons for having employees wear a badge card prominently to display their name, but the day is coming when their place in time management will be a thing of the past.

Badge cards have been a common tool for clocking in and out for many long years. It’s made sense, after all; it’s something they’d be carrying with them at work every day anyway, so why not tie it in with their use of the time clock? For some companies, though, the status quo is never good enough. For the forward-thinking business, MinuteHound has a better way.

Many companies are moving away from the badge card to biometrics, which is where MinuteHound comes in. If you’re not familiar with the term, biometrics refers to fingerprint recognition technology: in other words, employees no longer need to use their badge card to clock in: now all they need to do is press their finger onto the scanner, and the time clock does the rest.

Badge Cards Cost Money and Can Be Lost or Stolen – Fingerprints Can’t

What are the advantages of such a system? It’s almost difficult to know where to start. To begin with, MinuteHound embraces the security axiom that “something you are” is a much safer solution to security concerns than “something you have.” It might be a fair assumption that people will be carrying a badge card to work every day, but it’s still no substitute for something much more intrinsic: their unique fingerprints.

Biometrics also serve to combat an unfortunate trend in modern times: time theft. As a manager or business owner, you know well enough that employees are only too able (and, unfortunately, willing) to misuse the badge card system: it’s all too easy to loan badges to another employee so that they can clock in or out on your behalf.

Fingerprint Punch Clocks Vs. Badge CardsWith MinuteHound, badge card misuse can be eliminated. Everybody is responsible for their own time clock use and no one else’s. Best of all, our time management system offers tools to generate alerts automatically that inform management when an employee has clocked in late or left early. An ordinary badge card system can’t say the same.

If your company is looking to move away from the badge card system, there’s never been a better time to see what MinuteHound’s world-class time management system is capable of.

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