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So many business owners and decision makers put so much time into growing their business, that managing their current levels takes a backseat. Whether it be pens and paper, useless swipe cards, or pins and passwords, these outdated techniques are just that: expired. Time tracking should be easy, simple, and most of all, 100% accurate. Why have a timekeeping system that can allow for fraud or errors? These types of mistakes and bad habits cost the company so much money, let alone time to correct and fix it all. Employees have to be paid and a business has legal obligations to pay them correctly or face harsh penalties. Time tracking has become a “must” for business owners. Each and every company is open to lawsuits and litigation under all the new labor laws. MinuteHound’s time tracking system has your business covered.

From the very start, MinuteHound only takes minutes to get up and running. No training or IT technical skills required. You plug in the scanner download the software with a click of a link, and then off to the races! This is how time tracking should be, simple and effective. All that needs to be done is add your employees, enroll their fingerprints, and then its all over. From there, employees simply scan their finger on the scanner when they enter/leave work. Time tracking is live, and 100% accurate. MinuteHound allows for live real time reporting, as in as soon as your employee clocks in, you will be able to login from any device from any location to see which scanner was used, at what time, department, etc. MinuteHound offers many advantages to those looking for more control over their business.

The Time Tracking System Fit for Any Budget

Its like those new 4 for $4 or dollar menu options, as MinuteHound is only $1.00 per employee! That’s right, just $1.00 per employee you enroll into MinuteHound. If you choose to use the scanner, just $5.00 for that. So whether you’re a small or large business, everyone can afford this time tracking system. Not to mention, everything is included. No hidden fees or extra costs. Support, reports, OT rules, etc is all included. Want better news? The time tracking system is nothing you have to invest in, as MinuteHound is month-to-month. Your not locked into anything. If you use it and love, keep using it! If not, then thanks for trying and can cancel anytime. No fees for that either. In fact, MinuteHound pays for return shipping of the scanner! So start time tracking today and save yourself time and money, the 2 most valuable items in life!

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Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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