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Every business needs valuable resources to stay ahead of the curve. It’s the only way to compete in today’s market. This means that a business must remain informed about new efficient ways to conduct business. This leads to increased profits. This is why every business needs the MinuteHound fingerprint t&a system. The fingerprint t&a system provides real-time access to employee time. Employers have the option of monitoring employee time with any device that has internet access. They also have the option of receiving emails or texts to discover tardiness. All of the information is stored via a cloud-based system. Fingerprints and other information are stored there. This allows employers to not only monitor their employee time, but they can keep track of multiple branch locations.

The fingerprint t&a system prevents time fraud because it utilizes scanning to read individual fingerprints. This technology cannot mistake one person for another. This eliminates people from cheating on their time. The time is recorded, and it is accurate. No one can “buddy punch” in their coworkers to cheat on their time. This eliminates the need for constant supervising. Times are recorded, and they stay that way. In the instance an employee forgets to clock in or clock out, it can be manually done by whoever is given permission to do so. Employees cannot access the system unless they have permission.

The Fingerprint T&A System Saves Money

The fingerprint t&a system provides an efficient way to determine whether there is enough staff on hand to meet the needs of the public and workload. This saves the company money in terms of employee wages. The fingerprint t&a system requires a one-time amount for the scanner and a low-cost monthly fee. These charges are far less than other attendance solutions. There are no additional charges. MinuteHound provides a 100 percent Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, MinuteHound will fully refund you for the cost of the scanner and provide the return shipping.

The fingerprint t&a system provides accurate reports that can be generated automatically. This eliminates the need for hiring additional staff to manage payroll and other time-keeping duties. Setting up the fingerprint t&a system is easy to do. All that’s needed is to plug the scanner in. After this, enrollment can begin. Any computer with internet access in the workplace can become the clock-in terminal. Employees can choose which finger to use on the scanner. Backup fingerprints can also be recorded. The fingerprint t&a system was designed to meet the needs of large businesses. The fingerprint t&a system is a wonderful solution for smaller businesses as well. Discover today what the MinuteHound fingerprint t&a system can do for your business.

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