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Looking for employee timesheets? At first glance a paper employee timesheet looks so simple; it’s just a little chart. The employee needs to fill in their name and employee number, the date they worked, the time they started work, the time they went to lunch, the time they came back from lunch and the time they left work for the day. The employees might not even have to write the time or date by hand if you have one of those handy dandy punch card time clocks. Then you’ll just have to punch the numbers from the employee timesheet into your spreadsheet program. That’s not so bad, right?

If only payroll could be as easy as it looks. It’s never long until a paper employee timesheet gets lost and damaged. Traditional punch card time clocks can record incorrect times on an employee timesheet if they fall out of sync due to problems such as a power outage. Additionally, human errors in recording proper dates and times can occur or employees can use buddy punching to make it appear that they were working when they weren’t. All of these issues result from inaccurate payroll, unnecessary expenses for your business, tons of extra work sorting out corrections and piles of paper that must be filed or thrown away. That paper employee timesheet doesn’t look so simple anymore.

Less Mess, More Money

MinuteHound offers a solution to the paper employee timesheet that really is simple! With MinuteHound there are no hard copy employee timesheets. Employee data is recorded on MinuteHound’s secure remote server in easy to read reports. MinuteHound’s paperless system can also help you go green and do your part in saving the environment. With no paper to carry around, employee timesheets are never lost or damaged. You won’t loose your employee information even if your computer crashes. You can view your employee information from any computer connected to the internet. There is also an option for employees to be able to see their own information online.

Easy To Use Employee TimesheetUsing MinuteHound’s patented biometric technology, employees clock in using only the tip of their finger. Thanks to MinuteHound’s web-based system, there will never be an error in the time or date on an employee timesheet. The biometric fingerprint technology ensures that employees can only clock in or out for themselves. All flagged employee activity- such as tardiness, leaving early, not showing up- will instantly be reported by MinuteHound’s system to a designated manager and the employee by email. When it is time to work on payroll, MinuteHound does all the calculating for you – even things like sick days, holidays, and vacations can be tracked.

Getting What You Deserve

Why settle for something that just looks simple when you can have something that really is? You’ve worked hard to build a business. Your time is valuable and each penny that you earn is important. Things like errors on employee timesheets, buddy punching, and schedule exceptions result in a loss of 5% of payroll for the average business. MinuteHound can save you hours of making corrections and doing calculations while saving you money. More than 150,000 users clock-in and out everyday using MinuteHound. Give MinuteHound a try, and just like thousands of others, you’ll never use a paper employee timesheet again.

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