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Why Employees Attendance Is So Important

It’s time to throw away the old fashioned method of pen and paper. Employees attendance records are so important, and is the reason why so many companies are switching over to MinuteHound. By using MinuteHound, employees attendance is no longer recorded with a pen, pin or password, but instead with the employees fingerprint. No paper or cards required. Just a simple scan verifies the employees attendance, then records the time. MinuteHound automatically eliminates time theft from the workplace along with payroll fraud. Recording all employees attendance with a finger scan is the surefire way to stop cheating and conduct payroll accurately and stress free.

MinuteHound has over 150,000 daily users. These companies choose MinuteHound’s employees attendance system as it’s easy to use, simple, and foolproof. All staff have to do is show up to and leave work by placing a finger on the scanner. Nothing to remember and no complicated process. The fingerprint scanner is mailed right to the business after setting up an account with MinuteHound. Once received, it gets plugged into any computer. Very simple, and technical support is always available. From this point on, all employees attendance will be recorded accurately.

How Employees Attendance Boost Savings

For starters, by using MinuteHound’s employees attendance system there are no supplies required. Just a fingerprint scanner plugged into an already existing computer is all that is needed. Printer cartridges and paper are things of the past! In addition, having such an accurate form of employees attendance protects owners from lawsuits. Records are no longer stuffed in a box or in some storeroom, everything is digital online. Just enter in dates and pull up records. All employees attendance records are available from any internet location on the planet.

Employees Attendance SystemMinuteHound’s employees attendance system is also beneficial for its alert system. If any staff member doesn’t show up to an assigned shift, arrives late or tries to sneak out early, MinuteHound will send out an email or text message. This way, all designated parties will be alerted in real time and no one can “forget” to clock-in or out. MinuteHound’s employees attendance system requires no training or learning curves to overcome. It’s fast, simple, and safe to use.

Employees Attendance Safety and Security

Using a fingerprint to record all employees attendance might seem risky, but it is actually the complete opposite. MinuteHound breaks down every fingerprint into a unique number. All data is transferred using secure 128-bit encryption. Information is never at risk. MinuteHound’s employees attendance system is not only accurate, but private. Try it today risk free!

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