Paperless Time Clock- Make Your Office Green! No Paper Supplies Needed

How The Paperless Time Clock Works

Right now in the workplace employees probably sign-in and out using a pen and paper. Maybe they use a punch or swipe card, or even log-in and out using pins/passwords. Either way, none of these time and attendance systems are any good, as they are inaccurate and can be abused easily by employees. Worse yet, business owners have to constantly replace time sheets, ink cartridges, etc. By not having a paperless time clock, business owners lose money on many fronts. MinuteHound is 100% digital. Employees record their time by scanning their finger or thumb, and all reports are based online. The paperless time clock is a full solution for any size business.

When employees arrive and exit work, all they do is press their finger or thumb onto MinuteHound’s scanner, and time is recorded live. This time is available for viewing within seconds. The paperless time clock requires no pens, pins, or paper. Employees don’t need to remember anything except to bring their fingers to work! In addition, the paperless time clock is 100% secure, as no fingerprints are never recorded. Each print is broken down into a set of numbers to provide privacy to every user of the system.

Save Money And Mother Earth With A Paperless Time Clock!

It’s a win-win situation! The paperless time clock helps save the Earth and business owners extra green. By using a fingerprint scanner all forms of cheating are over. No more buddy punching or time theft. Employees cannot cover for each other at work, they have to be physically present in order to record their time. Once an account is created with MinuteHound, the fingerprint scanner is mailed out. It gets plugged into any computer for an easy installation. The paperless time clock also comes with support. Whenever assistance is needed, simply pick up a phone and get some help!

Go Green Save Money With  A Paperless Time ClockThe paperless time clock gives everyone access. Everyone has 24/7 access from anywhere. At home, work, or on the go any internet connection allows for access. Basic employees can only log-in to view their individual time card, and that’s it. They can’t change anything or see anyone else. Administrators on the other hand can view/edit information to get reports ready for payroll. From a tablet in the movie theater, managers can check on staff and export reports. Payroll is a breeze, and since all employees use the fingerprint scanner, all times are accurate.

How The Paperless Time Clock Solves Human Error

One of the biggest problems a business faces is employees “forgetting” to clock-in and out. If that happens, the paperless time clock has you covered! Remember everything is digital, so if an employee doesn’t show up, arrives late, or tries to leave early an email or text message is sent out. This way both the employee and manager can receive an alert so if its an honest mistake and the employee is there, they can just walk over and clock-in. If the employee is not there, then a manager is notified of the status to make changes. MinuteHound is the complete package, so upgrade your office with a paperless time clock and start saving money today!

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