Tracking Employees Attendance With Biometric Technology

Easy Answer to Employees Attendance Issues

Large and small business owners alike all encounter the issue of how to track employees attendance. Initially, this can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. Fortunately, the revolutionary time and attendance tracking system from MinuteHound will easily address all of these employees attendance concerns and more. MinuteHound is the wave of the future for tracking employees attendance. The system completely eliminates fraud and payroll abuse. You will also save time and money when calculating payroll. MinuteHound does all this through state of the art biometric technology.

All employees attendance is tracked via a fingerprint scanner. The finger scanner is installed on any computer you already have. No additional equipment to purchase. When your employees arrive, leave or take breaks they simply swipe their finger. All of the information recorded is then transferred to offsite cloud servers. Images are never stored. Instead, the images are broken down into a set of numbers. Safety and security are held to the highest standards. Now, since all your employees attendance records are kept in the cloud, data is accessible virtually anywhere. Through any internet connection, you have access. From home, work or the golf course you can track your employees attendance.

Honest And Accurate Employees Attendance

This solution to employee attendance can be implemented by small and large businesses alike. Using fingerprints solves many issues encountered by business owners. Often, employers face issues with co-workers clocking each other in and out when they are not even at the place of business. This technology based approach to employees attendance prevents employee fraud regarding the hours worked. From now on, your employees are honest with or without supervision. There is no cheating this system. It is foolproof and flawless.

MinuteHound's Employees Attendance System Keeps You NotifiedClocking in and out is practically instantaneous, only requiring an employee to press the scanner for one second. By using MinuteHound to keep track of your employees attendance, you will effectively reduce the amount of time required for processing payroll. The system also provides real time feedback. Managers and owners receive email alerts when an employee deviates from their schedule. Overtime will never creep up on you. All data is easily exportable into commonly used accounting software packages, such as Quick Books.

MinuteHound is green and paperless. There is no supplies or inventory to manage. All employees attendance records and information is stored in the cloud. Now you can get rid of all those files and boxes. From now on, your clicks away from whatever it is your trying to find. Having detailed reports of all your employees attendance will also help protect you against lawsuits. MinuteHound will provide detailed reports, which you can view at anytime. The proof of their hours are available to you anytime, from anywhere.

Employees Attendance Rates and Solutions

The price to accurately evaluate employees attendance is not as much as you may think. Subscriptions range in size catering to companies with as few as 20 employees as well as companies with thousands of employees and multiple branch locations. The price is $1.00 per employee, and $5.00 per location. In addition, a onetime fee of $99.95 is required to purchase the fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner is also backed by a lifetime money back guarantee. This way, you can try MinuteHound risk free. No hidden fees or fine print. Just a tried, tested, and proven solution for your business.

Your Questions Answered!Customer service and support are also included in your fee. If you ever need assistance, you have it. Employees attendance can be complicated and costly. Those big machines you buy and collect dust are more hassle than helpful. This is not a big machine. It is not even a small machine. After you setup an account, the scanner will be mailed. Free shipping included. This scanner is the size of a computer mouse. It does not have a shelf life. Lifetime updates are included. You will never have an expiration date. Most clients save so much money, it pays for itself.

Once a company purchases a subscription they are well on their way to solving their employees attendance issues. It only takes one to two minutes to enroll an employee in the system. Administrators also have the ability to enter sick days as well as vacation time into the system. The system is flexible and meets the needs of tracking employees attendance accurately, safely and easily. No training required. No learning curves to overcome. You will notice a change within days. Keeping track of your employees attendance is now automated. No more manual counting. Stress and error free payroll at it’s finest. Try it today. You will be so glad you did!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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