Tracking Employees With Fingerprint Recognition Guarantees Accuracy

Tracking Employees Time, Activity, and Habits

Believe it or not, employees are not always honest. They even make mistakes. Tracking employees is a must for any business owner or manager. The American payroll association reported that American businesses lose $148 billion dollars a year in regards to time and attendance and payroll. Human error and payroll abuse can cripple and even end companies. Internal management is more important than ever. Now, tracking employees movement and habits are easier than ever. MinuteHound has made it possible to not only track, but record in real time all activity. This way, as an employer or designated manager your able to view live reporting. From anywhere in the world, at any time, you can log in and view start/end times, departments, and so much more.

Tracking employees and their times begin with a biometric fingerprint time clock. After you setup an account, the scanner is sent to you. Free shipping included. This scanner will be the device your employees use to clock in, out and when they take breaks. Any PC you currently have will do. No other equipment is needed. Tracking employees using a scanner is easy for fingerprints are unique to every human being alive. There is no way to cheat the system. It is flawless and foolproof. After you plug in your scanner, the software is downloaded. You register your staff, and the system is up and running. No training or learning curves. No downtime to worry about. From now on, tracking employees is stress and error free.

Safety And Security While Tracking Employees

Not only accurate, but safe. Tracking employees using fingerprints is the most safe and secure method of time and attendance on the market. How? Easy, MinuteHound NEVER stores prints. Instead, each time your staff swipes their finger that image is broken down into numbers. These numbers are transferred via 128-bit encryption to offsite cloud servers. There is literally no way whatsoever any information can be stolen or mishandled. Peace of mind for you, and your entire workforce. Tracking employees is vital to any organization. With MinuteHound, every user on every level can feel safe about using the system.

Cloud Computing Is Storing Information In A Secured VaultCloud computing has made it possible to have information clicks away at all times. Tracking employees while being mobile is now a reality. From the golf course or from your home, tracking employees is done from anywhere. Your able to simply log in and look up whatever it is your trying to find. Also, keep in mind since all information is stored in the cloud, nothing is stored locally. Theft of information is not possible. Data loss will not happen. Fire, smoke, water damage and theft at your workplace will never impact MinuteHound information. Tracking employees is safe and secure. It is stored in the cloud like a vault, and only designated managers have access to it.

MinuteHound Makes Tracking Employees Cost Effective and Effortless

The cost for entire system is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location per month. The scanner itself is a one time fee of $99.95 and is backed for life. No hidden fees or fine print. This is the most cost effective, accurate, secure and convenient system available. Tracking employees with MinuteHound is like having an HR assistant on staff. If any of your employees show up late or leave early an email and text message is sent to you. In real time you will always be informed. Overtime will never creep up or surprise you. Total control of payroll is now yours. Stop wasting time and money. Upgrade to MinuteHound where tracking employees guarantees savings.

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