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Time Tracking Means You Save Money

As a business owner, you are always looking for 2 things: how to make more money and how to save more money. MinuteHound time tracking means you will save more money by using this technology. No more wondering about time cards or if employees really worked x number of hours every pay period. With MinuteHound, friends cannot cover for each other and if they are late, no way around clocking in late. Old fashion time cards that employees can chat on means they can steal time and pad their hours. Same if a friend is running late, they can just clock them in. MinuteHound has unique time tracking capabilities which prevents time fraud in the workplace.

Employees have to press their finger down to a biometric scanner in order to record their time worked. This verification process automatically eliminates cheating and dishonesty. The only way to get paid, is to be physically present. There is no shortcuts or workarounds. Employees will have to be on time, return from breaks as scheduled, and not leave early anymore. Time tracking such as this will decrease spending as payroll will be accurate and precise.

How to Monitor Staff in The Workplace

You can either employ a manager 24/7 to watch all your employees or simply get MinuteHound! We promise MinuteHound will never call off, need a vacation or even want a 15 minute break! MinuteHound is cloud based therefore you can monitor and watch your staff from anywhere in the world! Just log and check to see where and when your staff all came to work, edit reports right there in the browser and submit payroll at anytime, anywhere. Time tracking has never been so easy and affordable.

MinuteHound time tracking is available for only $1.00 per employee. So if you have a large staff or a very small one, this solution will fit your budget. MinuteHound will provide crystal clear reports that can be customized for your liking. You will also have access to a broad range of tools that include an alert system and schedules. Stop spending money and start saving it!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Tracking.

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