How To Stop Time Fraud in The Workplace

Learn How to Stop Time Fraud With MinuteHound

When your business is concerned with how to stop time fraud and create a better environment for everyone in the office, a biometric time clock can make a real difference for you. MinuteHound is a unique time and attendance system that can dramatically improve your time clock accuracy. With MinuteHound, you’ll know how to stop time fraud and improve the performance of your business.

MinuteHound uses biometric fingerprint technology. This is an ultra-advanced technology perfect over many years. The question of how to stop time fraud and eliminate buddy punching are solved. With this software, you’ll have the tools you need to eliminate dishonest time clock behavior, saving your business money every day and every year.

This system doesn’t only show you how to stop time fraud, it starts doing it from day 1! It makes life easier for both business owners and employees. While business owners can rest assured knowing they now have the key to how to stop time fraud, employees find it easy to just place their fingers on the MinuteHound scanner. In seconds, they’re clocked in and ready to get to work.

How To Stop Time Fraud Using Advanced Technology

Not only does MinuteHound show you how to stop time fraud while you’re in the office, but you can also make use of this innovative software anywhere in the world. With cloud-based reporting, you can access MinuteHound from any internet connection in the world. You can get a live report of who is in the office at any time. When you’re looking at how to stop time fraud, you’ll be safe with MinuteHound. This system can even send you an email or a text message if someone comes to work late or leaves early.

How To Stop Time FraudWith this system, you’ll also help to save money and the planet. This software costs only pennies a day to run. MinuteHound eliminates the need for time cards, time sheets and other physical inventory. You won’t need to stock up on these supplies, and you won’t need to fill your office with reams of paper and filing cabinets. MinuteHound is a green solution for how to stop time fraud. You’ll dramatically cut down on paper usage in the office and even go paperless.

Save Money and Time

Payroll becomes a breeze with the use of this advanced time clock software. No longer will office staff have to sort through physical time sheets or time cards or research data in filing cabinets. No one will need to waste time entering data while worrying about how to stop time fraud. Instead, with MinuteHound, you’ll have complete and accurate time and attendance data available in a click. Payroll time will be cut dramatically.

MinuteHound is also incredibly secure. It uses 128-bit encryption, the industry standard, and never saves fingerprints on file. You’re protected from hacking, malware and data loss. It’s easy to bring MinuteHound into your business. With this software, you’ll rest assured that you know how to stop time fraud.

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