Facial Recognition Time and Attendance For Business During COVID19

Use MinuteHound to Track Attendance with Facial Recognition During COVID19
MinuteHound is an advanced, no-contact employee attendance tracking solution that uses biometric security systems, including fingerprinting and facial recognition. In the time of COVID19, it has become more important than ever to utilize no-contact systems whenever possible. MinuteHound makes this easy. Avoid payroll abuse, buddy punching, and unapproved overtime with ease using MinuteHound’s services.

MinuteHound’s CloudFaceClocking service uses facial recognition technology to create a biometric time clock. All an employee needs is a camera, and the MinuteHound software instantly scans for faces to match to its data points. This system is completely accurate and updates immediately, so you can see changes reflected in payroll as soon as an employee clocks in or out. And because the system is 100% cloud-based, there’s no risk of losing data. MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption to ensure all data is transferred securely. Nothing is ever stored locally.

There’s no need for cumbersome passwords or PINs with MinuteHound. Using facial recognition technology, employees can completely avoid the hassle of remembering a password, and you can be sure your payroll is 100% accurate and up-to-date.

As more companies switch to remote work during COVID19, increasing employee accountability and maintaining payroll accuracy has never been so important. The MinuteHound CloudFaceClocking biometric time clock is perfect for remote working. Employees can clock in and out on any Android, Mac, or Windows system, so they can use a PC, tablet, or phone as needed. The MinuteHound software is so advanced, it can even send an email or text message if an employee clocks in late or clocks out early. Prevent time theft and guarantee accuracy by using MinuteHound to track your employees’ attendance.

MinuteHound also offers other services that don’t require facial scanning. In addition to fingerprint scanning technology, MinuteHound offers an option for employees to clock in and out with a username and password. This system tracks the time and IP address of every punch, so you can be sure your employee is actually at work. This system is also cloud-based and encrypted for security and your peace of mind.

You can try out MinuteHound for free with no risk and no obligation. Save money from time theft and eliminate hours of payroll review with the MinuteHound biometric time clock systems.

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