Facial Recognition Time and Attendance

Technology is awesome! Well, as long as you know how to use it technology is awesome, powerful, and very effective. However, if it is too technical or hard to understand, then maybe not so great. Facial recognition time and attendance is one of technologies that will empower your business, give you more control of your staff, and without a doubt more money in your pocket. Right now, more than likely, your staff is stealing time and padding their paychecks. Most of this is done intentionally and some is done by common human error. The system in place is to blame. Management also is at fault for letting it happen. If employees do not have a way to cheat, then they simply won’t! That easy and simple.

Facial recognition time and attendance is a method of having employees recording their hours worked without the possibility of error or theft. Pretty much every PC, laptop, iPad, Macbook etc has a camera. Whatever device you are using at work, or even the individual employee’s smart phone will work. The only thing they need to record their time is their face! Not a pen and paper. Not an email and password. Nothing that can be faked, manipulated, or copied. Facial recognition time and attendance is as simple as looking into the camera, having it recognize facial points and then verifying that it is you. Then, off to work you go! Kinda like taking a selfie before clocking into and out of work!

Facial Recognition Time and Attendance Costs
There is no hardware costs at all. So basically $0 startup fee as again, just about every device in 2020 has a camera built in. Then, you simply pay MinuteHound a few dollars per employee in order to track all staff time and attendance. MinuteHound will then automatically provide reports for you that you can instantly submit to your payroll company. Each and every report can be viewed and edited from any browser as the entire system is cloud based. Facial recognition time and attendance is not only effective but will save you lots of time and money. Give it a try today! Say Cheese!

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