Finger Attendance Is Better Than Time Sheets, Pins, and Cards

What’s the Secret Behind the Finger Attendance Trend?

Have you heard about the latest in finger attendance? “Finger attendance” is the term for a revolutionary new step in personnel management: The ability to monitor the attendance of your workplace team using nothing more complicated than the human finger.

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MinuteHound is the market leader in scanning technology for attendance management. Now, our hard work means fast fingerprint scanning is available to every company.

Finger Attendance Can Save You Hundreds of Hours Over The Course of a Year
How long does it take your team members to clock in every day? How long does it take them to clock out? While technology has advanced since the days of old-fashioned punch cards and time clocks, it has lagged behind what’s possible.

That is, until now.

Our finger attendance system uses a scanner that can be hooked up to virtually any computer. The computer can be used for any purpose while it works with our system, so there’s no need for a pricey hardware investment. We are also working on new “thin” clients that will make it even simpler to use MinuteHound finger attendance. How would you like to save five or ten minutes per employee daily? How many more hours would your team be able to devote to the task at hand in a month? What about a year? Finger attendance makes it possible.

MinuteHound Finger Attendance Gives You The Total Picture of Attendance
128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeConvenience isn’t the only reason to pick MinuteHound. It doesn’t just make attendance faster, but also makes it easier than ever to record attendance trends. You can quickly discover how any employee is doing. It’s even possible to learn about the attendance of your whole team. When you know more about what’s going on “behind the scenes,” it becomes a snap to tailor your policies and maximize your team’s output. For example, if you notice attendance is dropping during a certain time of month or season, you can get to the bottom of things. For the first time ever, all the attendance data you need is in the cloud. Even if you’re on an important business trip or had to take a day off yourself, you’ll still have complete access to the MinuteHound system.

With MinuteHound, you can:

■ Find out exactly what time any employee came to or left work on any day.
■ Get an immediate alert if someone arrives too early or leaves too soon.
■ Calculate wages instantly based on the most recent attendance figures.

All that added efficiency is the real secret behind finger attendance. Call or email MinuteHound today to learn more about how we can help your team excel.

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MinuteHound Finger Attendance.

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