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Biometric Attendance Software

Ever since the hourly wage was introduced as a form of payment, time theft has been a problem for employers. In some cases, workers can use the RFID attendance system to clock in their time stamps when they are not at work. Other payroll errors can arise from system problems and employees working for overtime that has not been approved. MinuteHound has eliminated these problems with the replacement of RFID attendance system equipment with biometric attendance software.

MinuteHound’s software is a biometric attendance system that stores data in the cloud as soon as a worker clocks in or out of the system. Since the data is stored through cloud computing, employers can view this information from a device anywhere on the globe in a browser. This lets employers use the attendance system to evaluate staffing needs and make changes. An RFID attendance system does not have this feature as data is stored locally.

For employers that are on the go, MinuteHound’s attendance software offers the option for email notifications and text messages. These will notify specified email addresses and phone numbers of employees that clock in late or leave their job early. It will also provide notices for employees receiving overtime. The system data can also be entered into other systems for reports and records.

Why an RFID Attendance System is Only 2nd Best

Thumbprint Time Clock ReviewsEmployee information from the biometric attendance software is entered into the system from employees’ finger prints. Compared to the identification cards of an RFID attendance system, this is a reliable method of keeping other employees from clocking in for a other individuals. While this fingerprint data is entered into the system, it is secure and does not pose a risk for any involved. When a print is recorded by the biometric attendance system, the data is changed into a 128 digit sequence. This number is then split into parts that are stored on servers across four continents. The process of encryption ensures that data cannot be stolen. This process is patented, so it cannot be used by third parties.

While the programming of the biometric software is more complex than the RFID attendance system, the software is simple. The biometric attendance system can be set up and ready for use within a few minutes (unlike an RFID attendance system). The only setup required is connecting the fingerprint scanner to a computer with an internet connection. After this, the software can be downloaded and the biometric system will be ready for use. If employers would like to place the scanner in a central location, 54-feet of USB extension can be purchased. The biometric software does not require a dedicated computer, so it can run on any computer such as the employer’s PC or a point of sale system. An RFID attendance system often requires special equipment, but the biometric software eliminates this factor. No training or experience is necessary.

The MinuteHound biometric attendance software is a state-of-the-art system that allows for simple management and payroll savings. It offers numerous advantages over an RFID attendance system.

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